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Windows Vista and Mac OS X Comparisons

author alang

Vista and Mac whos better? No one really knows but whatís true is that Vista has a lot of new applications and cool new features but the problem are the rumors which say that Vista is a Mac rip off. In this thread we will discuss everything about Mac and Vista comparisons so lets get to it.

Instant Search and Spotlight:

First lets start with the search tool. As we all know apple created the best search technology on history and is called spotlight available since mac os x tiger came out. Well as we all also know vista added a search tool on almost everything on windows vista but specially on the start menu and obviously itís a rip of spotlight but if we actually think of it on windows xp it also has a search tool but it was just a huge windows with different search options and now on vista is easier and cleaner and is pretty neat that vista added that there cause it helps a lot.

WMP11 and iTunes:

iTunes is considered to be one of the most used music players on the net plus you need it for your ipod but now windows invented WMP11 the next gen of windows media player. I must say I used it myself on vista with my friends house and is great but on the other hand for me it sucks on xp cause its slow, buggy and makes visualizations run very of slow but I really liked it so lets compare it. On iTunes thereís the iTunes music store and the search tool and on WMP 11 they included a search tool which is blazing fast and the Urge music store which I didnít really liked. I think that on this part iTunes copied just a little from WMP 11 and what I mean is that when ur using wmp11 and you go to the playlist section and you click on albums you can see that is very similar to the album view on itunes 7 but thatís just me so just try it youself. Another comparison is that now when u play a track on wmp11? you’ll see that the album art will appear while the visualizations are still playing.
Sidebar and Dashboard:

Dashboard is an amazing application only for mac os x tiger and leopard which lets you run widgets on ur desktop and what are widgets? well there like mini and fun applications like weather, phonebooks, flightracker, translation and much much more that help u on a daily basis, but for windows xp we always had third party apps to imitate it (at least us modders) but now on windows vista they have this new feature called Sidebar and whatís sidebar? Well its literally a sidebar with gadgets well there actually widgets but they had to change the name so is not that obvious that the ripped it off macs but there gadgets and gadgets are the same thing as widgets mini applications that help u on little tasks. I must admit is pretty cool and is quite fast and fun but is kind of obvious they had the idea from dashboard but maybe they probably saw all the third party widget engines apps that xp had and maybe they wanted to integrate it into vista.

Vista and Mac interface:

Ok ive heard a lot of people saying that the Windows Vista interface is very look-alike to the Mac one but seriously I find them completely different first of all Macs donít use transparency on windows only for those little menus and second people get confused about interface and programs cause vista may have very look-alike apps but the interface is completely different from mac os x but thatís just my opinion if u have yours please post it here.

Photo Gallery and iPhoto:

iPhoto is a program on mac os x which lets you upload your pictures to your mac with any camara which is just amazing and you can make slideshows, movies and even add music. Now on windows vista they included something like iPhoto but now is called Windows Gallery which lets you add your photos there and you can fix them etc and make slideshows and add music and it even interacts with movie maker but it has almost everything that iPhoto and picasa offer but is still a very cool enhancement to windows vista cause if ur like me I have a lot of photos and it organizes all of them on a good way and it looks a lot like the WMP11 interface.

Flip 3D and Expose:

Expose is a cool and convenient way to look for your windows from a certain point of view like for when your doing a lot of stuff at the same time. Windows vista now has something very similar called Flip 3D which is activated by pressing alt + tab now if you do this on windows xp you’ll get this ugly window which shows you all the apps you have opened but now in vista is awesome the effects are cool and fun plus has that cool aero interface in it too. Like I said before they invented a lot of third party apps for windows xp just to imitate the mac os x ones and this is one of them but now is integrated on vista.

Vista icons and Mac icons:

Now that vista is all graphic they just had to change the icons and now there in a better quality which are called pngís which are also used on mac os x now you can resize ur icons on vista to different sizes and since there all pngís they will stay with the same quality plus vista uses OpenGl just like macs do and many other video game consoles.

IE 7 RSS and Safari RSS:
Nobody really uses IE 7 but this time is a little different. Now it has the same vista interface and it has tabs yes ie 7 now has tabs, and now has the search tool integrated just like safari and just like firefox and I told you that the search tool was everywhere. The only actual comparison I could find was that both of them use rss at least on the vista version I dunno on windows xp and it still has some minor bugs and the only one I have is that it doesnít really update the sites I visit, for example when I visit osx-e it has desktp pictures from last month. If anyone else has bugs like this please be sure to post them here.


something I learned is that this 2 OS? are very good and? I love them both but who knows which one is better I still donít know but if u guys think mac is better than vista or vista is better than mac well good for you and be sure to post your opinions here.
I think this is enough for one day and I know I still have more stuff to talk about but if you would be so kind and posts stuff I left out. (just if you wanna help out)


Comment by Izumi on 2006-10-23 21:15:33

Listen, I know this site is all about GUIs. But there is a point where that can be ruined by the OSs stability. Mac OS X has know and well loved stability. While Vista and all other Windows still are great stability and security risks. Basically Mac OS X has it beat hand down. Good apps run on it, it is stable, and it looks frwaking AWESOME. Aqua is by far the BEST GUI in computing history. Bar none.

Vista is an enhancement graphically. I admit that. But is it an advancement in all other departments that matter. I would rather get my work done on a nice looking stable desktop than a super graphical but unstable GUI.

Comment by MURAKUMON on 2006-11-19 20:57:55

I’m running a pre-release version of vista now (RC2). I think I’ll always be a windows person. I really like the UI in vista, it’s simple and beautiful. You have to kind of tweak it to get it to look it’s best, it’s waayy too transparent at first and it can look kinda messy if you have a few windows open. With fine tuning, I think it is nicer than aqua.

I do see tons of similarities between OSX and Vista. I have to say IE 7 in vista is kind of ugly. I hate IE, I’ll never use it. The icons in IE 7 and arranged in a strange and unlogical way. I’m currently using Firefox 2, compact menu. vista toolbar icons. It looks purdy :)
I don’t know about the flip 3D. It takes to long, I have decent hardware, it’s not realy lag. The animations are just slower. I think it’s just eye candy. So I use the regular flip.

I like the search, nice and speedy. And you can search from a variety of locations. So I do like that :)
WMP11 is gorgeous. Nice syncing. I never really liked iTunes, at least on windows.

Comment by vinod on 2007-01-16 04:53:05

Of course people think twice before purchasing Apple in India. they are more fascinated by PC’s running windows on it. But not many people know that Mac’s are fast, reliable, virus-free.

who cares, i Love Mac.

Comment by Duy (dewey) Vu on 2007-03-17 10:15:52

this article is comparing vista and osx as if this is the first time microsoft has “borrowed” ideas from apple? LMAO!!!

M$ couldn’t make a decent OS until they made a deal w/ apple which allowed them to use apple’s OS technology back in the early 90s…

Industrial strength UNIX coding is what MAC OSX uses to meet the future’s demand w/ ease (multi-tasking, stability and security)….while VISTA uses basically the same old pre-historic coding of the last couple versions of windows (which means ur probably gonna run into similar problems as u did w/ xp and 2000)

Apple’s always been into innovation and/or refinement of everything about a computer…(USER FRIENDLYNESS - everything seems to take a couple steps less on a mac, much EASIER on a computer newbie)

They r the innovators and microsoft just comes out w/ a ripoff that’s cheaper in cost (Apple’s computers USED to be more expensive than PCs…cuz microsoft didn’t have to hire INNOVATORS, just engineers who kno how to copy existing concepts….lol (brilliant strategy by mr. gates) but yea…. w/o apple u wouldn’t have windows ANYWHERE near where it is now


Comment by Dalique on 2007-04-23 13:40:13


Comment by Tiago do Vale on 2007-04-27 12:08:07

It seems to me that the Vista is a major advancement for Microdoft in the GUI area…

But it’a a very heavy and slow system when compared with OS X… It’s unstable and prone to security problems, and it’s really annoying with all the “permission” windows, alerts and etc..

The GUIs of both systems are now close (at least until Leopard comes out), but the Windows system will need to be remade from scratch to really be to par with OS X.
:) But that will not happen: they just don’t need to do it, not in the near future at least, because of the way they contrl the market.

Comment by Geoff Taylor on 2007-05-14 20:36:18

I’d been a Windows person when I got my first Mac in 2003. I’d been using Windows since 3.1, which I purchased in 1991. I got more closely involved with Microsoft in ‘94 while testing Windows 95 and continued testing operating systems and other software for Microsoft for more than a decade. So, when Vista was offered to testers I jumped at the chance even though I was heavily into my Power Mac by then. I thought maybe Vista would be something.

It wasn’t.

Yes, it’s better than XP in soooo many ways. But it’s annoying as funk in soooo many ways. In the end, I’m quite happy with OS X 10.4 and can’t wait to see 10.5. I haven’t once regretted my decision to jump ship and convert cold turkey to OSX. It’s got everything I want except games and I haven’t missed the games– even though I was a hardcore gamer. I get what I need from my console systems and while I’m sure I’m seriously missing out on the PC Windows gaming front… I’m not hurting. I have fun using my Mac, for whatever I do with it. I don’t have to fight with it. I don’t have to worry about anything. It really does “just work”. So, yeah, this MIcrosoft certified one-time Windows fan has not once regretted the switch to OSX.

It probably added 20 years to my life.

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