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Vroom with a View. New MacBook Pros. Look the same, but with some new guts.

author alang

The New ProsWell well well, it looks like all of the major rumor sites were correct once again. Last night I read all about how there were going to be new MacBook Pros today and almost wrote up a rumor blog about it, but I was just too lazy and way too tired. That, and once again I thought, “Suuuure, like that’s gonna happen.” Well, it did. I woke up at around 9 this morning to find that the Apple Store was down. A few minutes later it was back up again with brand new MacBook Pros. The specs are amazing and enough to cause any tech freak (Windows, Mac and Linux alike) to get a gadget-erection. The price is literally unbelievable for the feature set. I am still kind of in shock from how much stuff they packed into the $1,999 MacBook Pro.

The specs are as follows:
15 inch screen with 2.2 Ghz Santa Rosa chip for $1,999 or a 2.4 Ghz Santa Rosa chip for $2,499. The 17″ model has a 2.4 Ghz Santa Rosa chip and is priced at $2,799. Also, (and this, I think, is the biggest deal about thew new Pros) they now all have LED Backlighting! No, not in the keyboard, but in the screen! Can you even imagine the color accuracy? Imaging professionals are going to flip.

They now also come equipped with NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphics with 128MB on the $1,999 Pro and 256MB of Video Ram on the $2,499 version and the 17″ model as well.

Other than that, specs go completely unchanged, though they are now advertising Wireless-N capability, even though all Apple Computers have had that hardware capability since the implementaion of Core 2 Duo processors.

So to me, it feels like the MacBook pros are finally complete. Yay for Apple!


Comment by William on 2007-06-05 17:19:04

The Macbook Pro’s aren’t even at the top yet :-p Next year Intel is releasing a mobile Quad-processor, so I’d expect to see Quad core Macbook Pro’s fairly soon.

Comment by bishop on 2007-06-05 18:13:42

I’ve heard that 17″ doesn’t have Led Backlighting, but I’m not sure if it’s true.

Comment by Dor on 2007-06-05 21:37:35

Yeah, the 17″ model doesn’t have LED backlighting but it does offer now upgrades for 1920×1200 resolution.

Comment by AKA on 2007-06-06 01:25:03

All I have to say is…damn.

I want one. :P

Comment by Yome on 2007-06-09 20:57:51

an simple comparison :

(for non-european it is aproximatively the same price in us dollar)


Comment by whatever_dude on 2007-06-14 13:21:43

whatever dude.. next year or so.. new tech will come up and that will just be a part of another history. nowadays, there’s nothing new anymore, just big corporations eating consumers slowly. just another monopoly.

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