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The Best… Just Got Better.

author alang

A few days ago I was contacted by an Apple employee about a leak possibility on their part as long as they remain anonymous. What did they want to leak? The 6th Generation iPod. Click on that for a video. I also have a picture they sent to me, but it looked obviously fake. I’m told this is a design possibility, but it’s pretty much final. (I really hope the move the headphone jack to what would be considered the top side of it.)

So I guess all that’s left to be said is, “Tada.” I will write about more details as they arrive. There are no specs available to me yet, but I should be able to obtain those within a couple of days.


Comment by William on 2007-05-22 03:07:01

iPod’s… are not… the best. To me iPod’s are like Firefox. People say they’re the best without doing any research to prove it. And, just like Firefox, iPod’s are not the best thing out there.

Comment by s1000 on 2007-05-22 08:09:42

Willam: Because you know!? And BTW, wasn’t that kind’a off-topic?

Comment by Joker on 2007-05-22 09:08:48

Bad fake, look at the aspect ratio of the covers in coverflow.

Comment by Davo on 2007-05-22 12:12:25


I see you’re making a career of wandering around here bagging every Apple product. Bit pissed that you didn’t buy shares 10 years ago? hahahaha!! Go away and leave us alone.

Comment by William on 2007-05-22 20:06:28

I’m “tagging” the iPod because I’m sick of people saying it’s the best when it is not. And FYI, this is a reference to the comment in the post, therefore it is relevant.

Comment by rafik on 2007-05-23 01:34:22

william, just out of curiosity. what do you think is the best?

apple owns 80% of the mp3 market. clearly it is one of the best, if not the best.

the same applies to Firefox; if it’s not the best, it certainly one of the best.

Comment by William on 2007-05-23 06:37:35

There is no best in terms of MP3 players, however there are quite a few that tie such as the iRiver Clix2 and the Gigabeat. The Gigabeat is good because it’s 30 GB model is about $30 less than the iPod equivalent however it has more features such as direct DVD rip and play. The iRiver Clix2 (and Clix for the matter) is good because its screen is much larger than the iPod video as well as it has about a 24 hour batter life (I believe). It’s one fault is that the models only rise up to 8 GB in size, though for most users that’s more than enough.

I believe that the iPod is good, but others are simply better. True it may have 80% of the market share, but so does IE (give or take some) and we all know that it’s not the best (though one of the top).

Comment by Ixon on 2007-05-26 15:21:32

Okay you know what, I’m tired of people like this “William” dude. The topic is about the rumored next gen iPod design and he’s rambling on about iPods sucking compared to mediocre brands like iRiver..

You want to argue, I’ll dish out what I got to say and shut you up and anyone that agrees with William.

You’re an idiot William, simple :)

IE owns 70+ percent of the market because it comes installed on every Windows machine. Which is about over six hundred million systems. Can you name how many computers Firefox comes installed on for me? Oh that’s right, none. Because it’s a Third party open source browser offered free on the web. Dell has just started to sale Linux on they’re systems, and I believe Firefox is preinstalled. So give it time buddy.

Let’s not forget the factor, more then 40 or MORE percent of the home user market is entirely computer illiterate. They don’t know anything about safety on the internet. But fill them in on the subject and they’ll cry to anyone with a clue about the topic for a free and easy solution - Firefox :)

Now, if iPods and any other Apple products are so terrible and so much more money and possibly not as featured packed like other solutions. Tell me, why are you on a MAC EMULATION site? Oh yea, because you’re probably some poor dork that lives in his mothers basement and is a secrete Apple fan boy. But is to poor to buy any of they’re products that you long for.

Sure, you can go on Tiger Direct and buy a cheap MP3 for $30, and it may do the same if not more then a iPod could. Heres the trade off, it doesn’t do any of it’s advertised features properly. Terrible sound quality, poor interface, terrible radio functions, that is just a taste of what you’ll sample buying a mediocre brand MP3 device.

Who wants a radio function anyways? you can have over 80GB of what ever the hell you want in your pocket and yet you desire a stupid radio function?

And William, heres the secrete behind the iPod. Anyone here that’s owned a mediocre MP3 knows it’s a pain to put music on it the first time. Because the manufacture provides shotty instructions and poor software. Heres a story of truth, everyone that lives around me, is to cheap to buy iPods, so they go and buy iRivers or any other cheap mp3 device. No matter what they always end up coming to my doorstep complaining they’re iRiver is broke because they can’t get music on it.


iPods sale because they are just so easy for the novice user! IT’S ALL SO SIMPLE! Get a iPod, install iTunes, plug in your iPod, rip and buy you’re music and sync it. ANYONE CAN DO THAT!

Oh you mentioned something about DVD ripping or something being complicated for iPods and some other device coming with simple software. Apple expects you to buy movies from they’re store.. But if you really want to rip your movies for your iPod’n pleasure, simply download a copy of HandBrake, a FREE OPEN SOURCE program. then you can convert for anything you want including iPods.


Do us all a favor William, stop with you’re pointless arguments. Especially on a APPLE driven community. You’re just soaking the matches in gasoline.

Go Fly a Kite..

Comment by Davo on 2007-05-27 10:10:46


I love you :-)


You just got OWNED buddy. Enjoy :-)

Comment by Ohhhoooo!!! BURN! on 2007-05-28 15:54:59


(Thanks Ixon)!

Comment by Ixon on 2007-05-31 04:20:20

Hahaha.. Glad people agree with me.. I’m gonna become a blogger maybe.. Put poor sucker like William in they’re place :D

Noticed he didn’t comment back after I posted?

cute :D

Comment by Davo on 2007-05-31 12:26:41

Maybe he’s rushed out to buy an iPod LOL

Comment by Ixon on 2007-06-04 16:18:42
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