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Survey: Who Are The Switchers?

author alang

If you haven’t heard this already, according to Computerworld, the percentage of Mac users surfing the internet has doubled in eight months. Gotta love Intel (this, of course refers to Apple’s switch to Intel Processors).

So my question to all of you reading this is this: Who has switched in the last year? And those of you that have, what are your reasons? Leave comments telling us if you’re a switcher and why, if you’re not a switcher and why or if you plan to switch and what are some concerns? Or, you could just leave a comment simply stating, “I’m a Switcher,” or, “I plan to switch.”


Comment by Yome on 2007-05-09 19:59:37

Iím a Switcher,

…and I’m happy to became it 8-)

Comment by Jake Moore on 2007-05-09 21:00:29

I’m currently in the market for a macbook. I want one because to me, they are powerful for their size, as well as stylish. The OS X software is definitely a bonus! :D

After I get the macbook, I’m going to start a fund-raiser for a Mac Pro.

Comment by Lord Kokkei on 2007-05-09 21:49:07

I switched because Mac is awsome. Need any more reasons?

Comment by Mark on 2007-05-09 21:54:14

Just like Jake Moore i am in the quest to buy a macbook.
The reason i hear you cry? Because i have had enough of microsoft doing me over! For example vista we all know the story , their awfull customer support, there lame software, the ammount of viruses and spyware on them and i do alot of video and sound edditing so i need reliability and mac will give me that time and time again where as windows will not, i find my self reformating ever 3-6 months to keep the speed of my for mac’s and viruses they have had 5 viruses in the last how ever long!

thats my reasoning if anyone dont like it well please leave a comment.

Mark chapman (tinybolt)

Comment by rafik on 2007-05-09 23:47:25

i am not a switcher…yet at least. i am planning on switching as soon as apple decides to release AMD based macs. till then, i’m stuck with my pc

Comment by Sree on 2007-05-10 01:57:50

I plan to awitch…windows is hectic…to many viruses and too complicated. Mac is easy…

Comment by AKA on 2007-05-10 02:48:21

Though not yet a switcher, I am planning to switch when Apple unleashes the Mac OS X Leopard build. The release date of Leopard coincides with my birthday, so money I shall reap from relatives..and a Mac I shall buy.

I’m planning on switching simply because I used to be a Mac user (back in the days of OS 9), and feel that my current PC isn’t up to standards anymore. I miss the Mac “feel”. Why did I not instead opt for a new Vista-based PC? I no longer have the patience for these viruses and threats.

There is also the design of both the Mac OS X operating system and the computers Apple releases to the market to consider; I’ve always found Apple products to be more consistent in its design (aesthetically and functionally). It “just works.”

Comment by james warrington on 2007-05-10 05:04:22

i am not a switcher, why?

1) most programming software and resource is available for pc.
2) most software on pc is available with crack.
3) i have no problem with viruses because if you use the right software and always keep it up to date, you wouldn’t have these problem.
4) pc is cheaper, with the same amount of money spent on mac, i can buy double the hardware spec for pc.

1) mac looks good
2) i realy do feel its more stable than windows (from a few months of experience of using an ibook).

Comment by yome on 2007-05-10 07:26:25

For James Warrington,

I’m not agree with you about your first point….

Since Xcode is free, and it is a real good IDE for many language, what need more ?

And since OSX is an uniX based system there is maybe more programming tool for X than Windows :-)

For your second point, I was thinking this was true, but since I have switched….dada!!! lot of “software with crack” ;-)

Pc is cheaper…I’m not so sure, if you bought an cheap PC and “double” hardware you just have the same “power” than an Mac…and sincerly, 999euro for a iMac 17” is not “so” expensive 8-), that the price for a normal PC with a suitable monitor ;-)

Do it my friend…switch and leave Bill Gates with is ton of dollar$$$!!!

Comment by yome on 2007-05-10 07:30:08

…Oh and i forgot this IMPORTANT POINT :

- BootCamp : imagine when you bought an intel based iMac you have OSX, and XP…

Do you have the same onto the “beurk” PC


Have fun !!!!!

ps : why everybody says PC??? PC is also used wxith X system…so PC is not equal to Windows, no?!

Comment by Bernytheking on 2007-05-10 12:13:27

Switcher, bought a Ibook G4 , best decision ive ever made.

Comment by rootkowski on 2007-05-10 15:06:05


Well, I’m a kind of switcher. Meaning I’ve been dreaming of an iMac for long months, I made my XP look like OSX and then I switched… to Ubuntu. :-) It’s a great system too (especially moneywise) and all the struggle that one has to put into making an OSX of an XP is non-existant on Linux. That system is highly customizable. The result is that now I run XP and Ubuntu both looking like Mac OSX :-)

…and I’m still dreaming of an iMac. The reason why I haven’t bought one yet is that I’m a poor student and I would also like to have use for the hardware I already have.

Comment by Betito on 2007-05-10 17:09:57

I’m plan to switch as soon as possible…. i always dream on Macs since i was so lucky to use it in a former job

Comment by Ixon on 2007-05-10 17:31:01

I plan to switch, in my opinion, you’d be stupid not to. lolz

Microsoft sucks, Vista has so much copy protection it’s ridiculous, it costs to much, I’ve seen Ultimate go for $500. It still has all the same problems of Xp, but instead they added a stupid pop-up window that alerts you of changes (Ripped feature from OS X). Video capture cards will not work because of the copy protection. Many people have reported huge performance issues with the new OS. All software and drivers have to be redone for Vista. Vista simply sucks, It works better when the PC is turned off.

Windows Xp is just as comparable in many areas. Unstable, vulnerable, unreliable, what more can I say? It’s the perfect recipe for the disaster computer experience. Let’s not forget the Fisher Price styled look Microsoft gave XP.

Now with Apple products, it’s as advertised, it just works. Applications will crash like any other OS, things can go wrong still, but many people will argue they have never had a problem with OS X, depends on the users actions.

The OS looks amazing and keeps up that tittle with it’s functionality and security. Let’s not forget the amazing bundle of software that comes free with every Mac. The hardware is just as comparable, beautiful and functional.

People claim Mac’s cost more but thats just a myth, if you were to buy a equally as good windows PC with the same hardware specs, it’d be the same price as a Mac.

All and all, you’re a sucker if you choose Microsoft over Apple.

I know once I got my pennies saved I’ll have that 24″ iMac sitting here instead of this crappie dual booting XP/Vista Machine.

Enough Said.

Comment by saffindad on 2007-05-10 20:46:18

spent 4 months emu osx - now got mac and not going back - beauty is in eye of the user.

Comment by blogjunkie on 2007-05-11 06:41:37

Hmm.. a Mac emulation website causing users to switch to Mac? That’s pretty awesome.

My advice, stop emulating and go for the real thing. Check out my blog too - myMacBUZZ.

Comment by gidong on 2007-05-11 09:12:34

i am not a switcher coz i just dont like MAC .. tats all.

Comment by Jake Moore on 2007-05-15 12:43:43

That’s right, it’s officially official, I’m a switcher!

I bought a macbook Sunday night, and it will be at my door on Wednesday! Luckily, I don’t have to go to school wednesday until 11:40am, so I should be home when it delivers! I’ll be taking pictures of the opening and boot up process. I’m so excited, these next two days are going to pass by very slowly. I’ve already bought up and downloaded a bunch of software that I’ll be putting on it. I’ll be installing XP and put Office 2007 on it, and run it in compliance mode in parallels!


* iAlertU
* iShowU
* Remote Buddy
* AdiumX
* Toast 8 Titanium
* Docktopus
* Speed Download
* ShapeShifter
* Candybar
* Parallels
* Deeper

If you guys can think of anything else that is a good and useful software, or have any tips for a first time switcher, I’ll be amazingly grateful!

Here’s a link to my macbook.

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