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New iPhone Ads. No ,”Hi, I’m a Windows Mobile Phone” or “Hi, I’m an iPhone”?

author alang

iPhone adsI was going to publish this last night, but for some reason I had an inkling the ads weren’t all released. Okay, you caught me, I really am just that lazy. The fourth ad was pure luck.

Well yesterday a threesome of iPhone ads appeared from AT&T/Apple (looks like Apple’s ad people did it though, and it’s on Apple’s site so I’m going to go with Apple, despite the AT&T logo at the end.). They’re all clever in their own right, but the one I saw today was the first ad that was more Apple in nature. It directly attacks the mini-internet designed for cell phones (and rightfully so.), much like Apple attacks erm, points out the shortcomings of Windows on their Mac vs. PC commercials that we all love or love to hate so much.

Click here to check ‘em all out. They’re all pretty entertaining.

EDIT: Anyone know who David Taylor is?


Comment by William on 2007-06-07 09:31:20

The ads have been up a while actually. We knew the third one, but if you changed the URL of that from ad3 to ad1, ad2, or ad4 they worked. This is just Apple’s official release :-p

Comment by Yome on 2007-06-07 19:01:58

No AT&T here in France 8-)

Comment by Joseph on 2007-06-19 04:50:37

iPhone??? does not even support 3G… crapy piece of metal

Apple simply likes to exaggerate their product and i am truly sick of it. I mean, who would want to have a cellular phone that works like a computer…. -_-|||

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