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Microsoft’s new product “Surfaces” on time and it’s a Doosey.

author alang

SurfaceA Doosey indeed (No, not that Dusey). The product I told you guys was being announced at 12:01 EST tonight was announced. It is a multi-gestural and multi-user table from Microsoft entitled Surface. We’ve all seen stuff like this before from Jeff Han, but Microsoft is the company that has finally announced a consumer (essentially) product version of this technology. I’m an Apple Fanboy and I’m giving Microsoft the credit for this one. No, the iPhone is not a computer. It is a cell phone that runs mini-apps on mini-OS X. If it doesn’t run Photoshop, it is not a computer. (Can it, Linux users, you know what I mean.)

How much does it cost? 10 grand. Now, before all your jaws hit the floor, take into consideration that a fully loaded Mac Pro with a 30″ Cinema Display (Microsoft’s Surface is 30″ diagonal) is $14,818 without niceties like warranty and Fibre Channel options. But the Mac Pro doesn’t do multitouch. Millions of Billions of other things, but not multitouch. I’m sure the iPhone will somehow interact with Macs eventually and we can have multitouch (maybe an iPhone-type mouse?) on our Macs (Or, hell, our PCs too), but for now it looks like we will have to go Microsoft if we want to have a mutlitouch computer. It will be released in November (Hey didn’t Vista have a November release date too?) But the real question on all of our minds is, “Does it run Linux?” You can check out a pretty nifty video of it if you click here

In other news: iTunes 7.2 was released no more than five minutes ago (as I’m writing this at 2:53 AM CDT). iTunes gains support for their music purchased from their new iTunes Plus store (should be announced by the time most of you are reading this). iTunes Plus content is DRM-free content from participating labels. DRM might finally die, but for more than a dollar ($1.29) a song? Alomst, Stevey, almost.


Comment by Hair Kola on 2007-05-30 17:03:02

Looks interesting. Of course, I’ve no clue what I’d use it for or why I’d need it, but I’d still like one anyway.

Comment by Jeroen on 2007-05-31 06:56:22

I don’t think there is a big market for this thing…

There are not much situations where you could use this I think!

maybe in these situations:
- Board Games
- Search on a map if you go on vacataion or something like that
- … ?

and for iTunes 7.2, let’s hope that DRM finally dies… That’s one of the biggest reasons I still don’t use webservices to buy my music!

Comment by Jake Moore on 2007-05-31 15:57:38

Hopefully it will have that On-Screen keyboard that was shown in the TED video.

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