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MacBooks get beefed up…slightly

author alang

New MacBooks(Sigh) It figures. I thought and fully expected that it would be six to eight months before I would experience buyers’ remorse for my blackBook (bought in February).

Last night before I went to sleep, I skimmed through the rumor sites and saw rumors about a macBook update to happen this morning. I laughed it off with a “suuuuuuuuuure, just like the iPods that were supposed to land last tuesday” and rolled over and went to sleep (this is the pathetic life I lead).

This morning, sure enough, I wake up and was checking e-mail and rumor sites and there are new MacBooks. I double-refreshed Apple’s Store site to be sure even. Now the speeds start at 2.0ghz (what the previous highest speed was) for $1099, and yes you still have to pay $1499 for black but now they ship with 160GB of hard drive, not the previous 120GB and are now expandable up to 200GB. Seeing as how I’m running kind of lowish on HD Space (37 Gigs left out of 120), this is where I experience the most buyers’ remorse. The 160 Mhz bump in speed means nothing to me, or I would have purchased a MacBook Pro.

In other news, Macbooks also now contain a steeper student discount for the least expensive model. 2.0 Ghz for $999? It was $1049 until today. The other two price points are the same as before though at 1299 and 1399.

Well that wraps up my buyer’s remorse of the week. Other MacBook puchasers since October (the Core 2 Duo update), lets all let out a collective sigh and shake of the head… Apple, I give you the Stephen Colbert Wag Of The Finger! Couldn’t you have waited at least until fall and threw in Santa Rosa? I’d buy a new one, I promise!

This just in. In a surprise press conference Steve Jobs silenced all of the critics and caused their never-stopping jaws to hit the floor and released Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard toda… Yeah. Sure. We still have to wait until October.


Comment by William on 2007-05-15 18:34:19

I am glad I chose not to do the upgrade article. I got a few paragraphs in and though that you might be trying to do it, so I switched my topic, lol.

Comment by William on 2007-05-15 18:37:23

Oh, just as a side note, my Macbook will now only be 80 GB when I get it. As I outlined in my Vista article and in the comments section, it’s cheaper to by a 250 GB external HD than to go from 80 GB of internal space to 120 GB of internal space. You may want to consider an external HD to chuck all of your movies and junk onto.

Comment by Jake Moore on 2007-05-15 20:51:13

Haha, I just bought my macbook on Sunday! That stinks… Oh well, Externals aren’t that expensive and are pretty portable. So, I’m not crying. Also, 160 MHz isn’t that big of a jump in my opinion, not enough to buy a new notebook. I guess it’s good for people who are just now making the switch though 8D

Comment by AKA on 2007-05-16 02:31:37

My patience and poverty have paid off…ironically enough. I’m forcing myself to wait till October (which is my birthday month) to cash in on my relatives’ gift money…maybe we’ll have Leopard installed on my MacBook. (Or Mac Mini. Or iMac. Depending on which one I can afford lol).

Comment by William on 2007-05-16 06:44:14


It’s possible to find Macs for less than $300 with the latest Mac OS X, I’m sure that you’ll be able to get one easily :-p An Apple compouter is an Apple computer, it’s good all around, though try to get something with atleast 512 MB RAM.

Comment by Jake Moore on 2007-05-16 15:53:51

I just picked up my macbook 2.0GHz C2D, and I must say, I’m extremely happy with it. I don’t think the 160MHz could make much difference on how blazingly fast this thing is! It’s so easy to work with as well, as soon as I booted it up, it recognized my wireless internet and I was connected! After I finish wiping the HDD (paranoia reasons), I’m going to see if I can’t hook my printer and stuff up to it. I’m so happy with this purchase!

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