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M! Reflect Icons

author alang

This app is similar to iReflector but with less options.

It shows a dropbox where you can drop png files and it will mirror them and save them with a different name (somepicture.png -> somepicture_mirror.png)

If you want a more customizable icon reflector app, try SirSmiley’s iReflector: it lets you choose where to put the reflection, and his app is skinnable.

The only thing missing in iReflector is the shadow. In effect, M! Reflect Icons has been written to closely match Leopard reflected and littly shadowed dock icons, to be easy and quick to use, sacrificing customizability on the way.

Bonus: you can drop many files into the dropbox, it will process all of them, so you can mirror thousand of icons at once.

Download [128KB]


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