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June 11th is coming quickly.

author alang

Two days short of a month away from WWDC07. We really don’t know much other than Steve Jobs is giving the keynote and there will be a feature-complete beta version of OS X 10.5 Leopard.

I think it’s fun to speculate as to what else will be discussed. Let’s see here, LED backlighting to MacBooks and MacBook Pros? Subnotebook? Mid-range desktop? Those are all things we know Apple are going to spring on us eventually (okay maybe not the mid-range desktop). At least, these are rumors we’ve all read about. The prices on their aging cinema displays were recently reduced so maybe we’ll see some new moniters? Or, and I am doing nothing more than pulling this from thin air, maybe they will finally totally shock us. Let’s face it everything Apple’s released we knew was coming. No one ever knew or knows when, but when things arrive we are pretty well aware that they were on their way.

So okay what would shock me from Apple? An HDTV offering. This may not be so impossible though. All they would have to do is make their new cinema displays 720p+ and add HDMI, component, coaxial and RCA inputs/outputs. Apple HD Display. Maybe. Doubtful, but maybe.

That’s my prediction for the WWDC07 Steve Jobs Keynote other than the more likely hour and half talk about Leopard and iPhone (dear God will they stop already?). Leave your predictions in the comments section of this article. Serious predictions only and not something like the iLawn Mower or some such thing.

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