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For Switchers (or native Mac users): AppDelete, the Add/Remove Programs equivalent

author alang

One of the first differences a switcher will notice about Mac is the lack of maintenance and/or cleaning software. (That, and there is no equivalent to MS Paint found anywhere on the system.)

Merely days into my experience as a Mac user, I downloaded a program I did not want. Other Mac users told me to delete it out of the Applications folder, but I knew that every application has extra files that are not the application but are directly related to it. So I looked for the Add/Remove Programs equivalent software on my blackBook. There was nothing at all, so I had to look for one.

I looked around the internet for all of five minutes and this is what I found. The program is known as AppDelete. It is freeware. Also, it takes up no room on your hard-drive at the size of a mere 303Kb.

This program does what Add/Remove Programs does for Windows. It removes the application as well as its supporting files. The best way to impliment this application is to place it on the Dock and then when you discover an application you do not use, simply drag the unwanted file/application to the AppDelete icon on your dock and tada! No more app. It places all of the files related to that application in your Trash folder, where you must then empty it. On a scale of ten, I give this app a ten because it does exactly what it claims to do.


Comment by Jeroen on 2007-05-06 12:21:27

This is indeed a nice program.
[url=]AppZapper[/url] Is another program which does the same like this. I did not test AppDelete yet (I’m not on my Mac right now) but I’ll test it asap. But from what I understand, AppZapper seems cooler to me, as you can see what it will actually delete, by that way you can keep your preferences only and stuff

Though it isn’t freeware, it only costs $12.95, it’s not that much! you can remove 7 apps in free mode..

Comment by Adam on 2007-05-06 14:38:00

AppDelete is the same process. It shows you what application you’re deleting in the app’s window, but not the excess files. If you really want to see what you’ve just deleted you can pop open trash and check. If you’ve deleted something you still need, it is easily recovered. AppZap sounds like a good program, but not like something I’d pay for. But then again, I’m a cheap-ska…er excuse me.. Frugal individual.

Comment by Adam on 2007-05-06 14:39:25

by it i meant appzapp, not app delete.

Comment by William Bokunic on 2007-05-06 17:44:11

That’s pretty cool. I still wish it was more like the Add/Remove program, but seeing has how the two OSs install things differently, that’d be impossible.

Comment by Jesse on 2007-05-07 01:46:05

This is a great pack!
Also try the one for Vista!

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