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Drum Roll Please… Fullscreen Quicktime! Not QT Pro.

author alang

One area I believe that Apple is playing catchup to MS in is the included video player. Windows Media Player (especially 11) is far superb to Quicktime as far as features. You can get all WMP’s features and more in Quicktime, but it’s thirty bucks. Now we’ve moved one step further. Apple just released Quicktime 7.2 and one of the big features is FullScreen capability.

On a side note, iTunes has released 7.3.1 which fixes library issues some were having after downloading iTunes 7.3.


Comment by jo on 2007-07-12 18:52:19

10 years later, this is on wmp since wmp 7

Comment by Ash on 2007-07-13 04:44:27

More than 10 years ago, before QuickTime was separated into Pro and Standard versions, there was full-screen in the standard QuickTime Player.

When Apple decided to create the Pro version and charge for it, they didn’t just add new features, they took lots of features out of Standard. Most of the features were editing related, but the loss of full screen playback really pissed me off.

Especially when I realized that it wasn’t QuickTime itself that was crippled, just the included QuickTime Player. Any application that used QuickTime could display full-screen video if it wanted, Pro version or not. iTunes, for example, could play back videos at full screen.

Sorry if I sound a little bitter… I must be getting cranky in my “old age”… ;)

Comment by jo on 2007-07-15 05:03:04

well it took them a lot of time to realize such a important feature was missing… or they know it and was milking their clients i just found it it was on windows media player 6.4 too.
i just hope the same doesn’t happen to the iphone and the bluetooth profiles and i could use my own mp3 as ringtones.

Comment by GNL on 2007-07-17 01:36:02

“You can get all WMPís features and more in Quicktime, but itís thirty bucks.”

WMP is free and renders full screen videos smoothly. QuickTime has an edge on making thinks harder than they actually are.

Comment by William on 2007-07-17 04:30:34

Actually, the only thing you have to pay to get Quicktime to read is wmv. GNL, what he’s saying is that instead of downloading the free WMP, which doesn’t integrate into the system at all, you have to pay $30 for the codecs so you can import the files into iMovie, or watch videos on the web without having to download and crap. I found a program that’s free that’ll support most movie types. It only lacks wmv from what I’ve seen.

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