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Better than eBay: Refurbished! (loaded with all kinds of links)

author alang

Mac Gem
Every week or so, Macworld posts a blog entitled Mac Gems. This is one they haven’t mentioned in a while, if ever.

The Mac Refurb Store. It’s similar to eBay in that you never know what’s going to be available and when, but it is better than eBay because the prices are always the same. It’s great for switchers because you get a Mac without taking the full price plunge and for Mac vets because you get to save money on brand new technology.

I got my blackBook from there and it only cost me $1299. With the money I saved, I got a Wireless-N router from D-Link (by far the cheapest alternative to an Airport Extreme Base Station) and various other notebook enhancing products.

You can almost always find the refurbished version of the current generation product you seek at least once a week. iMacs go for pretty cheap (usually 799 for the cheapo and 1699 for a pretty stacked 24-inch like the one Ixon mentioned in his comment on the last article). Current gen iPods, nanos and shuffles go for usually twenty to fifty bucks under retail. You can even find older classics like a 12-inch PowerBook for you guys who want an Apple and want to keep it tiny and are willing to sacrifice the Intel.

Right now the “if I only had the cash” item for me is the Mac Pro 3.0 Ghz quad-core going for only $3,299. Rediculously cheap for a computer of that magnitude. My experience with the refurb store was nothing short of exemplary. My product was even shipped a full 9 days before they said it was going to. Also, I recommend couphingt up the 32 dollars or so for overnight. I got my router, laptop case, blackbook, and the adapters for moniter use I ordered all on the same day.

When my friends tell me they are about to buy a Mac, instead of saying, “Great! Good for you!”, the next sentence out of my mouth is one directing them towards the refub store. It’s worth watching the store. I sat on $1700 for three weeks waiting for the Mac I wanted to appear and was greatly surprised to see that I was going to save four hundred dollars.

It is my strong recommendation that people who want to save money should wait for the product they want to appear.


Comment by William Bokunic on 2007-05-11 00:46:31

The refurb store is nice. If I didn’t need a great laptop I’d use it. But alas my requirements are a tad bit too high. I haven’t seen one with what I need in the refurb store yet.

(I need 2 GB RAM, 120-160 GB HD with 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo Mac Book or Mac Book Pro)

Comment by hh on 2007-05-11 06:03:42

Hi there,

I’m Malaysian and I checked out the refurb store and am interested in some of the products, but they do not ship to places outside US. Did you get them to ship to an US address?

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