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M! Reflect Icons

author alang
author March 4th, 2009

This app is similar to iReflector but with less options.
It shows a dropbox where you can drop png files and it will mirror them and save them with a different name (somepicture.png -> somepicture_mirror.png)
If you want a more customizable icon reflector app, try SirSmiley’s iReflector: it lets you choose where to put the reflection, and [...]


New Release of XWindows Dock

author Bentz
author January 22nd, 2009

XWindows Dock has now reached version 5.4, and has the following new features:

Two types: 2D and 3D.
Supports many languages. Not yours? Add it via an XML file!
Skin-able. You can also create your own skins (and even borrow images from other skins)!
Can be started with windows.
Size of icons: 32×32 to 100×100 pixels
Configurable zoom of icons when [...]


SkinStudio 6.2

author Island Dog
author July 30th, 2008

Stardock is pleased to announce the release of SkinStudio 6.2. SkinStudio is an application that allows you to design custom visual styles for Windows Vista and Windows XP. These visual styles (skins) can then be applied using WindowBlinds. When creating a new skin you can change the complete look of Windows by changing the start [...]


Leopard Intro Sound Extended

author alang
author July 16th, 2008

An extended Leopard intro sound. Took from Leopard’s guide video and added it to the intro sound.
Download [1.1MB]


CursorFX 2.01

author Island Dog
author July 9th, 2008

CursorFX is an application that lets users easily change their Windows cursors to one of thousands available for download. These can range from simple mouse cursors, to cursors with very detailed graphics and animations. CursorFX also includes a powerful, yet easy to use, editor in which you can create your own [...]


WindowBlinds 6.1

author Island Dog
author May 8th, 2008

There is a free update for existing users of WindowBlinds available. The most notable feature is the addition of the Explorer Background feature which allows you to apply a background, and adjust the opacity of the Explorer background. Other additions include various performance tweaks and enhancements.
The Explorer Background feature allows users to change the background [...]


Acua for Firefox 2.0

author alang
author April 21st, 2008

This is an update to my Acua theme for Firefox 1.5
Original OS X Shapshifter theme by Susumu
Thanks to Susumu, Zorda75, zerroeffect, and Kevin for
allowing me to use their resources and granting me the
permission to release this skin.
Extensions used:
Compact Menu 2 2.0.3
Fission 0.9.5
Image Zoom 0.3.1
SafariAddBookmark Button included in zip the file
Sage 1.3.10
Searchbar Autosizer 1.3.8
StopReload Button included [...]


SkinStudio 6 released!

author Island Dog
author March 20th, 2008

SkinStudio is a free application designed to easily create skins for WindowBlinds for both Windows XP and Vista.
SkinStudio 6 is a complete rewrite of previous versions of the program. Over time, as the number of elements of Windows that could be changed increased, the older versions of SkinStudio became very [...]


CursorFX released!

author Island Dog
author February 6th, 2008

CursorFX updates the Windows mouse cursor engine to support fluid animations, alpha blending, effects, real-time shadowing, user-action mouse states, mouse cursor resizing on the fly, color changing, trails, and much more.  CursorFX is a replacement to

CursorXP which only ran on Windows XP.  CursorFX runs on Windows XP and [...]


WindowBlinds 6.02 released

author alang
author January 16th, 2008

Stardock has released WindowBlinds 6.02. WindowBlinds is a program that allows users to change the look and feel of Windows XP and Windows Vista by applying a new visual style. Users can download thousands of free visual styles from websites such as, deviantART, SkinBase,, and more.
Thanks to years of optimization, WindowBlinds not only [...]