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Osx-e Forums Rules & Guidelines
1. About
2. General forum rules
3. Posting rules
4. Images
5. Gallery
6. Signatures and avatars
7. Reputation system
8. VbPlaza system
9. Private data
10. Staff decisions
11. Warning system
12. Reporting abuse

1. About provides these forums as a service to its members, and we strive to make it a friendly enviroment for everyone without the regard of where they come from and what their background is. Users come here to exchange ideas, knowledge and techniques about Windows XP to Mac OSX emulation and also to have a good time. As in any other social community, there are some basic guidelines and rules that everyone must follow in order to obtain the overall positive and constructive atmosphere. With everyone following these rules, Osx-e will be a cleaner and more pleasant experience for everyone who wishes to be a part of this community.

2. General Forum Rules

These apply to all parts of Osx-e, including: site browsing, forums, gallery, posts, user profiles, avatars, signatures and images.
If you are new to the community and do not understand something, donīt be afraid to ask. And if you are here for some time and know your way around, please help those who are new and make them feel welcome.

If you are not sure whether the material you want to post is appropriate for the forum, ask the Staff. We will be glad to help you. General rules for that are: no nudity,violent or racist content. If you see those rules broken in any posts or threads, please send a private message to a member of the Staff.

- Language
English is the official language of this forum. It would be ideal if you speak proper English (with appropriate punctuation and capitalization) at all times. Slang and excessive abreviations are most unwelcome, and offensive language such as swearing is prohibited. It's allowed to post a comment in another language but make sure you provide a translation so that everyone else would be able to understand you.

- Personal attacks
Harassing, insulting, threatening, flaming and victimizing other users of the forum will not be tolerated and will be dealt with. Discuss the post, not the poster. Be friendly, helpful and supportive, to make sure every member gets a positive experience from the forum.

-Inappropriate content
Pornographic, disturbing, extremely violent, illegal or racist content, as well as religious content that might offend other users (such as caricatures mocking a certain religion) is strictly prohibited. Such posts will be deleted without warning.

- Swearing
We encourage our users to express themselves freely, but we also ask you to refrain from using swear words in the forums at all times, due to our younger audience.

- Multiple accounts
One user – one account. If you are banned or not welcome in the forums anymore, do not create an additional account. If you have two accounts, your secondary account will be deleted and your original account will be further penalized. It may also result in your ISP being informed for site abuse, which means you might loose your internet connection.

3. Posting Rules

These rules apply to all sections of the forum. The Staff may allow exceptions to these rules or create additional rules for certain threads and forums. Additional rules will be given in a form of announcements, stickied threads or the first post of an individual thread to which they apply. Messages that break the posting rules will be edited or deleted. Members that break the rules will be given a warning, or banned temporarily or permanently, depending on the severity of the offence.

- Stay on topic
Try not to post off topic during a thread conversation. Please do not reply to off-topic posts from other members, that will only encourage the off-topic discussion. Instead it is better to start a new thread in an appropriate forum and link to the previous thread. Your posts will be moved from the previous thread to the new appropriate thread by a Moderator after that. Off-topic posts may get deleted and threads with a lot of off-topic posts will be closed.

If you want to talk about something that is different from the topic of the thread, please take it to the General Discussion forum. It was designed for members to discuss issues not related to any other sections of the forum.

- Search
Use the Search function before you post a new topic. It is possible that your topic already exists and has already been discussed. You can also use Google search or other search engines to do an advanced search of Osx-e forums if you find that the Search function provided isnīt giving you the result you need.

- Similar Questions
If you have several questions that are related to the same topic, it's better to ask them all in one thread instead of creating other threads to ask each question separately. If you already posted a question and realised that you forgot something, use the Edit function to add more information to you post. Double posts will be merged.

- Thread Titles
Try to use a name for your thread that will give the users some information about the content of it. For example, "I need help with Firefox extensions˝ tells others much more than: ˝Help me, I dont know what to do!˝

- Double Posts
You are not allowed to post the same thread in more than one forum or more than once in the same forum. Please consider which forum is best for your topic before you post. If you post in the wrong location please send a private message to a member of the Staff who will then move your post to the right location. Do not post the same thread again in the right location yourself. The same applies to threads: don't make a post that relates to another thread, in somebody else's thread. If you want to add aditional information to your previous post, use the Edit function instead of creating a new post. Double posts will be merged

- Spam
Spamming is characterized as posts that contribute nothing to a forum, be it off-topic or on-topic. Example: bodies with few words that have no relation to the current thread or discussion, and repeating threads with similar subject from same author. Spamming the message board in order to raise your post account is a violation of the rules.
Anyone found doing this will receive a warning and the posts made will be deleted. Repeat offenders face suspension and a post count reset.

- "Bumping" Threads
Replying to your own thread or to old threads is called "bumping" and is not allowed. Use the Edit function to add information to your post. Resurrecting old forum posts is allowed only when it serves a worthy cause to the forum, meaning it furthers the discussion or informs other users of the solution for the problem being discussed.

- Nonsense posts
If you have nothing useful to say, then don't say anything at all. You are not required to reply to every single post in the forum. Only reply if you have something useful to say. Posts like˝I donīt know the answer˝ or ˝Me too˝ that don not give users any information are not needed.

4. Images

All images must be 500 x 350 pixels or smaller (width by height). If your image is larger, make a thumbnail (same rules apply) or supply a link to the original image.

5. Gallery
- Content
Pornographic, violent, racist and somewhat offensive content is prohibited. If your image breaks the rules, it will be deleted by a Moderator.

- Rating System
Use the Rating System wisely. Rating somebody else's desktop poorly for your personal reasons not relating to the quality and skill of the screenshot will not make you win the Desktop Of The Month competition. The rating system is for enjoyment only, and we ask you not to abuse it, otherwise action will be taken towards your account.

- Doubles
Do not upload the same image twice. Doubles will be deleted.

- Categories
Upload your images to the right category. If, for example, you upload a photo of you into the Desktop category, your image will be moved to the right category by the Gallery Director without warning.

- Size
Please do not upload extremely large files, if the file you are uploading takes a long time to load, resize it. Maximum file size is 1Mb.

- Storage
Please note that each user is given 10mb of storage space in the gallery. If you use all the storage space provided, delete some of your old images.

- Titles
Use an appropriate name for your image. Don't name a picture of the mountains "passionfruit cheesecake", because that will just cause some questions and confuse the users.

- Deletion/Movement of Images
The Gallery Director has every right to delete your image or comment if it's inappropriate or offensive to other users. Please do not complain if your offending image or comment dissapears. However, if you think that the image or comment was appropriate for the Gallery, please contact a member of the Staff to resolve the issue.

6. Signatures and Avatars
Do not use an avatar, signature, custom title or user name that could mislead other users to believe you are one of the members of the Staff.

- Avatars
Maximum avatar size is to be 128 x 128 pixels and in JPEG or PNG format

- Signatures
Signatures should not be more than 468 x 60 pixels, as that will distract the users from your actual posts. If your signature is too big, it will be deleted by a member of the Staff, and you will be warned.

Same rules for appropriate content apply as in the gallery.

7. Reputation system
Reputation System FAQ can be found here:

8. VbPlaza system
VbPlaza FAQ can be found here:\

9. Private Data
Please do not give out any personal information such as phone numbers, postal address, zip code, last name, or anything you do not wish others to know. If you choose to ignore this request, we cannot be held responsible for the consequences. First Name, Age, Gender, Location, and Date of Birth are all optional upon registration. Only email address, username, and password are required for your registration. Please remember that privacy is very important to us; we will never divulge your email address to anyone without first asking your consent. If you get "spam" emails from a member (this can occur if you check "Yes" for showing email on the registration page) please report the email address to us so we can take action towards that member.

10. Staff decisions
Administrators and Moderators are to be respected. Do not dispute them publicly, such posts and threads will be deleted immediatelly.
If you feel that the decision made by a member of the Staff is unfair, you have the right to send a private message to an Administrator or a Moderator to resolve the issue.

11. Warning system
Step 1: First warning.

Step 2: Second warning.

Step 3: Third warning.

Step 4: Temporary Ban.

Step 5: Permanent Ban

12. Reporting abuse
Any user that finds certain messages or posts inappropriate or against the rules of Osx-e is encouraged to send a private message to a member of Staff who will then deal with it in an appropriate way.

These Rules & Guidelines are written by Loona & Zartheit and no part of them is to be distributed anywhere else without the written agreement of the authors and administration group of

Last edited by Zartheit; 14th July 2006 at 06:29 AM.
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