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Unread 23rd December 2010
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keep baby socks The rental car takes to us….
The rental car takes to us ......The Asian Asia is born in April 16, 2007, already 3 year old of 2 month 23 were today hugeTraces the Asian Asia with rental car's fate to be born the second day, left the hospital at that time goes home, the Asian Asia first time rides the rental car, trans-regional big motion. The pass first month after childbirth returns to one's old home, afterward the Asian Asia went out goes by car rents a car, we did not have the vehicle, the family was far to grandmother, therefore each time was rental car riding instead of walking. Now the Asian Asia even more likes the rental car, also has the reason which becomes a buddhist get to know early.Because our rental car is the red olivine interaction color, compared with attracts attention, therefore the Asian Asia the rental car is very always outstanding in the understanding automobile in kind, no wonder the Asian Asia many times roars: I most liked the rental car!Near section time weather was sultry, finishes eating the food to come out to take a stroll, I with the Asian Asia to the lively road nearby, the Asian Asia look in advance the distant place the rental car asked: Mother, hires on the front to have the lamp, you see?Mother: Yes, just saw, before mother has not paid attention really.Actually, many things we have become accustomed to,keep baby socks, does not need to consider again may achieve, as soon as for instance this rental car, the incoming vehicle looks at the red candle, the hint stops, this is the very natural matter, also did not need to consider. But the child is different, she does not have such experience, she feels is very novel, moreover she has the going by car experience, but in the time also to not necessarily note, because had any lamp we only then to board brightly,handmade baby gift ideas, therefore theory in child's brains, practice in daily experience.Asian Asia: The green light, has the human. Red candle, nobody!Her `discovered that ' this rule, has then confirmed that if, this explained mistakenly her observation is not very careful.Mother: Good, then we have a look is the rental car such which looked like you saying that good?Asian Asia: Good, has come one, the green light, inside has the human. Another, red candle, nobody ......Looked at ten several so repeatedly, is good, this explained that this `discovered ' is correct.Actually paternal grandmother before has said to the Asian Asia, on the rental car the red candle green light represents anything, today is the first time opened mind, she confirmed with her eye paternal grandmother said that this such `discovery ' compared to having a liking for N picture-book to need to remember the jail, records steady!Asian Asia: Mother, the traffic light is also such color, that is the red candle stops, the street light walks, is dissimilar with this?Mother: That is an indicating lamp, not has police uncle's there, how does the nursery song sing.Asian Asia: The big street, extends widely. Among police uncle stands. The red candle is bright, and so on one and so on. The green light is bright, invites your line!Mother: Right, when do these traffic lights instruct us to be possible the street, when can't.Asian Asia: Leaves travels is only then good, on the path you see the favorite, green person?Mother: Saw, this is you who daddy reminds?Asian Asia: Yes,tippy toes baby socks, the favorite cannot walk, the green person can walk, you might record ......Comes back time mentions Asian Asia's this `with daddy to discover ', daddy intentionally makes things hard for somebody: The green light, does nobody, how the vehicle walk?Asian Asia: Has the driver, hasn't driver who driven!In order to have formed street's good habit, on road frequent reminder, now the Asian Asia became the supervisor, if who didn't walk according to the traffic regulations, the Asian Asia certainly will question. Outside I do not arrange in order, that time arrived at the middle red candle to shine, the Asian Asia said: You are the flour gruel (blurry meaning) the maid, how to straighten out! , I have to admit mistakes, otherwise a severer question will also pound on my!This time stretches across three domains about rental car's traffic light in the Asian Asia impression, had three kind of different understanding. Really not worthy of mentioning,(Related Articlesmoney Yu Yi), was these not worthy of mentioning things has developed her cognitive domain, let her know that were more thing which she did not know ......
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