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girl dresses National Day the baby concentrates th
  The other day, to live the National Day baby, some accurate mothers did not hesitate the Caesarean birth please to leave the baby 0.3 Yuan baby-feeding experts to indicate regarding this ahead of time,(Related Articlesunique baby gifts 'the toy general mobilization 3), regardless of were the easy childbirth or the Caesarean birth, should the breast feeding child, if just gave birth to the child mothers not to have the milk or the breast milk is insufficient, besides suitable fed the powdered formula auxiliary, but should also let the child suck the nipple, promoted the secretion milk, guaranteed newborn's growth need.  The new baby boom arrival choice powdered milk is fastidious  In recent years, from the century baby, to the Olympic Games baby, to this year's National Day baby, the enthusiasm which mothers participation continues to surge upward again, our country was reaching a new birth peak.  Meanwhile,girl dresses, the powdered milk market also made the positive response to this baby boom. The abbott, Hui, US approves the feudal official, Nestle, multi-US incites and so on world famous brand to carry on the new advertisement creativity broadcast crowded, three Yuan, domestically produced innate dairy product brand's and so on Ely advertisements grow are also very obvious.  At present, in the market the babies and infants powdered milk brand reaches dozens of kind of many, many brands also promote the different series to choose for the consumer. Facing the numerous powdered milk factory colorful promotion method, looks like the very scientific nutrition formula,baby socks fashion, actually should how select and purchase the suitable baby powdered milk to take the mother's milk the substitute? The expert indicated that new generation mothers have the stronger power of consumption, more is also fastidious regarding the babies and infants food's health and the quality request compared to senior mothers, to choose the highest quality powdered milk to the baby, they from the brand, the nutrient content as well as the sentimental demand and so on many aspects carry on consider repeatedly.  National Day the baby drinks the milk brand oral traditions are very essential  Some supermarket food department Manager Miss Zhang said that at present in the market baby powdered formula, is refers to the mother's milk the ingredient to carry on the formula production, each factory's technique of production and the technical equipment are very advanced, the product the difference is not big in the nutrition. Therefore what mothers purchase the babies and infants powdered milk the paramount consideration is the brand, periphery they will refer to friend's experience, as well as brand popularity and fine reputation.  Miss Zhang indicated that this year in the double festival period import powdered milk multi-US incites, Hui and US approve the feudal official, in the domestically produced brand three Yuan, Ely and so on are the sales volume place before the brand. And three Yuan affinity superior powdered milk sells this year good, this is mainly three Yuan is quite good in consumer's oral traditions, has not had the quality problem. Heard that three Yuan have 60 year history, is the domestic established brand powdered milk enterprise, is quite trustworthy in the domestically produced powdered milk.  Except the brand fine reputation, the powdered milk milk source has also become the key point which mothers pay attention. Some shopping plaza powdered milk sold Leader Miss Wang saying that three Yuan powdered milk used the original milk from to be biggest in China, the world first-class three Yuan green Holland cow bred the base, this point lets mothers buy reassurance which the affinity bought superiorly.  Stressed that the product functionalization nutrient content is key  In many large-scale supermarkets, the nutrient content which various brands powdered milk splits out lets the customer be eyes cannot take it all. Many mother indicated that the nutrient content is chooses the powdered milk the important basis, but name many ingredients let them feel are at a loss how to proceed.  In each nutrient content, favors the brain growth and the enhancement immunity ingredient are most 0.3 Yuan baby-feeding experts to indicate that at present various brands' nutrient content is advantageous to the brain growth ingredient,kids clothes, like the affinity superior unique longan trophic factors, richly including DHA, ARA and the choline and so on, may promote the cerebrum and the visual function growth; Also has the enhancement immunity ingredient, if the affinity superior immunity trophic factors, use the FOS+Polyfructose profit to live a Yuan combination specially, adjusts baby's immunity, provides more protections for the baby healthy development. Based on this, the affinity superior powdered milk also specially increases the promotion absorption the trophic factors, promotes the baby to the nutrient absorption.  Three Yuan powdered milk sales personnels said that the parents hoped the powdered milk ingredient close mother's milk, simultaneously hoped the powdered milk ingredient most suits oneself child body, easier to absorb and so on. The affinity superior adjusts the fatty acid composition specially, the linoleic acid and the linolenic acid compared to lists as 5 � 1~15 � 1, the closer mother's milk proportion, favors the baby to digest the absorption.  The security felt relieved the powdered milk maternal love is the highest standard  Is partial in view of partial mothers thought that the foreign powdered milk the erroneous zone which is better than China, three Yuan baby-feeding experts indicated that the Chinese babies and infants powdered formula passes through 30 remaining years of life the development, in formula technology aspect and overseas equally matched. Take the Chinese mother's milk as the main source, suits the Chinese baby's powdered milk truly take the maternal love as the highest standard production's powdered milk.  Reporter discovered that besides the brand, the oral traditions, the nutrient content, these should the emotion demand powdered milk often sell with general mothers is quicker. Quite receives the affinity superior powdered milk which National Day the babies like, is three Yuan take the maternal love as highest standard making, lets the mother and the babies and infants feels relieved the edible security dairy product. It is known that three Yuan have promoted take the maternal love as the highest standard, the depth unify the Chinese market demand the affinity to be superior, love the joyful treasure, likes nurturing the acute hearing, likes benefitting and so on to love the series powdered milk. And, the affinity superior serial products increases Alpha - the lactalbumin specially, the lactoferrin, the lactalbumin, high quality DHA (popular name brain gold) and so on, mother the powdered milk besides gives is pregnant mother to provide the essential nutrition, but may also absorb indirectly through the parent substance to the baby, has become may the range pole product which contends with the international brand. At present, these products have obtained the good market performance.  The international breast feeding motion (China) the concerned expert believed that take the maternal love as the highest standard, is takes the mother's milk the baby powdered formula research and development the most high quality shape, set a higher request to the baby powdered formula's quality. This is also three Yuan affinity superior powdered milk the love guarantee which does to the National Day baby.
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