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Unread 28th November 2010
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Dota Figures Examination place incident
Recently was probably very busy, therefore had no free time to come to see everybody. I am such thought that but the present wants to come also probably is own inertia makes to cause to so.The student wants the terminal examinations, every day except walked back and forth in the examination place cannot remember also to make anything. I did not know all teachers in monitor an exam time walks back and forth to prevent the student to cheat is searching for the evidence which the student cheats? To me is vacant.In order to look after the Chinese catalpa to sprout, I am separated from work for ten several years clinical voluntary, when had teacher, very strange occupation and work. Monitors an exam from the arrangement class schedule to the present is forces somebody to do something he incapable. Therefore only then had the day before yesterday examination place noisy concern.The matter is this: The test time arrived, reorganizes the good examination paper, discovered that unexpectedly also has schoolmate in the answer paper, but another works together A both hands to pull the examination paper two angles, side has encircled 5,6 schoolmates. I did not know that actually to have any matter, as soon as entered looked, that male schoolmate on the leg was putting the compendium, lowered the head copies fiercely, I said: ** (A colleague name) he is copying the compendium ei. A: Knew that this topic will not give the minute in any case, I will make the symbol.Has received the examination paper, worked together B saying:You were also too good bully, this situation must confiscate directly likely, when cheated, but must report the school.A said: I make a symbol in any case to him, how as for to process must look at the school.B said: Public reprimand, but must register the file, was too excessive.This schoolmate has heard,Dota Figures, walked said: Teacher, massacres my that topic, do not report.A: How can thatSchoolmate: Teacher, how that will process? I am the first time, forgives meB: The first time? You too have been also rampant, teacher must receive curls you also to dare to prevent, works as teacher's surface is copying the compendium, you such did not respect teacher?Schoolmate asks A, is walking with Mr./Mrs. A, the sound started to be choked up, the eye has been also red: Teacher, forgives my one time, teacher, how you will process?A: I did not know that we will reflect give the school, will act at one's discretion.Schoolmate: Asked you, teacher,girls shoes, forgave my one time. By now schoolmate already criedI was unable to continue watching in side, said to schoolmate: You go back, you ask favor again also uselessly, we do not have the right to decide how to process you, goes back, will have tomorrow also the testSchoolmate continues to ask favor, after the tear applies does, lies prone in the table angle cries.A: You go back,(Related Articlespumpkin patch kids clothing on November 28, 2009 a), this topic will not give in any case has divided, how as for to process and so on later to say again.Schoolmate is also cryingI knew that I do not have the right to decide anything, but impulsed for a while is suitable colleague's words saying:You quickly walk, this topic will not give the minute, did not process you, went back studies.I knew that I only am unable to continue watching a big boy to sob on the platform, will tomorrow, how many tests have the day after tomorrow also, now how does he such mood participate in the following test? In he makes this behavior time he has not thought of the consequence, now has been afraid, but he continues in here to pester meaningful? I only am thought that is gentle he the mood, therefore said I should not say words.Returned to the office,funny baby boy clothes, B first to criticize me to make the law: You such tolerate the student, is should give him a lesson, you looked that I said like this his you have also let off him?I: How actually to process me not to know, but I am really looked that is not below a big boy to cry, moreover behind him also has the test, I did not crack a joke said that I at that time thought he could think did not expunge from a list the suicideB: This situation certainly must likely the public reprimand, otherwise student some who will also be afraidA: the ** elder sister (I), you thinks of Ma Jiajue?I: Not that serious, but I only am want to alleviate his mood. Perhaps I should not talk too much.The final result has not come out, but my mood is very actually uncomfortable, should say what I should not such is this schoolmate asks favor, gets free of for his behavior, but has a point to be possible to affirm this result not because I will say those words will change. But I want perhaps to be I have not entered into teacher's spirit, I did not know that what posture should use to treat the student, I enjoy the student to see that very much I will greet, can crack a joke with me. But that cannot become me to get free of the reason for the student, is only I is tenderhearted for a while.Afterward, continues to suffer colleague's criticism to let me not be very comfortable, as if has been and the student cheats the equally excessive matter, down to I regarding am caught in the examination place by me the cheating fellow student association to have now deeply the apology and rebuke oneself the feeling, goes home to ask how the elder sister will do, the elder sister also will be teacher, taught for 13 years. Elder sister: Received has received, which your that many idle talk?Such is the occupation, I am extra-curricular.
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