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clothes 28 methods, let the baby be since childhoo
1 treats baby's request earnestly.The neglect baby's need, will let another reason not take seriously frequently to lose the confidence. When he fills with the expectation in the telephone to propose: Mother, milk. You cannot satisfy him for a while in outside, tells him the concrete time: Gets the home, mother to take to you, is good?2 give the child to make the choice the opportunity.Weekend the belt baby goes to travel, solicits his suggestions, but do not ask: Where do you want to go to? But like this asked: You want to go to the zoo or the aquarium? Scope which chooses for him, lets him make the choice, will increase to own confidence.3 do not ridicule the baby speaks incorrectly wordsThe baby just studied the speech, pronounces the inaccurate time. Do not ridicule him, also do not at that time desirably stress, trades a time to teach him again. In the baby language study time, your ridicule can cause him to lose study language confidence and the interest.4 treat baby's inquiry earnestlyThe baby asks the question, listens attentively patiently, if you could not reply, told him honestly. Let him know that anybody has not being able to achieve matter, dispels him to others' awe psychology, thus increases self-confidently.5 use the tone which discussed to let the baby handle matter in one's powerFor instance takes the newspaper for mother, is good? Let the child know that needs to be enhances his self-confidence by the human the best method.6 give the baby a demonstration work the spaceLet the baby on the most striking wall surface post his work doodle in the home; Is a Chen Liejia in the cabinet for the baby, exhibits his small manufacture. The sense of honor most can stimulate child's self-confidence.7 give the baby one to belong to their territoryFor the baby a room, does not have the condition, may give him the room a part, lets him have a freedom to play, not the little world which fetters. Because has own territory, lets in his heart fill the arrogant feeling, this will let him increase naturally self-confidently.8 mothers' intolerance raises the baby self-confident soilAlways blames the baby very randomly because on the child room in or the tabletop, but teaches the toy which he tidies up scatters, and does together with him.9 do not take the child and others comparisonDid not say to the baby: The younger sister will already count, you have not been able, you to be possible to be really stupid! Even if he really compares other child difference. Always takes the child who and his comparison is stronger than him, most can frustrate child's self-confidence.10 let the baby when occasionally manages a householdLeads the baby to go to the supermarket, waits the payment to hand over in his hand, lets him give the banker. He will not have done accounts, but will let him know that at least the money can go shopping. Enables child to grasp the pocket money gradually, lets him manage a household, will increase the self-confidence which he will live.11 let the baby choose their clothesPurchases the clothing for the baby, lets child choose the color and the design. Perhaps he elects the color you do not like, but do not deny his judgment. Child's opinion by the respect is his self-confident start.12 and the child looked together he likes animated cartoonWith the child looked together he likes the animated cartoon, discusses the character who and the lines with him likes, to his viewpoint indicated that is interested. Equal being together with the exchange is for him the self-confident steps and ladders.13 let the baby handle some matter in one's powerLet the baby clean own small sock independently, small handkerchief, even if washes not cleanly. Child self-confidently from each minor matter you to his approval.14 encourage the baby to perform the special skillWhen the baby performs the back poem,(Related Articlespersonalized fleece baby blanket Note), says the story and sings, to him beats time, the expression should with. Exercises him to dare the calm stage presence, exercises his self-confidence.15 let the baby be many and the contemporaries playLet the baby close strange child, encourages him to associate freely positively with each kind of age person. Raises his diffuse skills is is actually raising his self-confidence.16 help the baby to draft the detail planning, and reminds him to carry outFor instance helps the baby draws up practices the qin plan, when the making plan and him consults the time. When execution reminds him: The baby,baby blanket, we should practice the qin now, right? Let him foster according to the plan makes matter's custom. Works confidently, the personhood can be self-confident.17 babies play may the happy bottle, the shoe box and so on each kind of reject, do not stop him arbitraryThe child likes exploring him to be interested the thing, you stop his interest, also dampened the confidence which he explores.18 children in play game's time encounters the difficulty, lets child solveThe child when puts together the tangram encounters the difficulty, must encourage child to try to find solution, solves these difficulties. When really cannot find out the means that you may the side direction. The conquest of difficulties may let him multiply self-confidently.19 when the child has progress time must praise specificallyIs together when with the child, seeks for the concrete reason which frequently deserves praise, encourages him with the commending language, but do not praise the child emptily. It can be said: The baby knew that he has urinated, has the progress. Do not say: The baby you are really intelligent, mother good likes you. The concrete commendation is self-confident for him, the empty praise can let him be arrogant.20 take itself child's pledgeDoes not want to lead him originally to go to MacDonald, actually agrees without thinking he to go, to pledge that finished does not realize. You break a promise let him lose self-confidently, also loses to your trust.21 help the baby to display in the individuality the positive aspect, enables him to become human who has individualityThe baby is a garden balsam seed, exercises the speed which he works; Is the slow or phlegmatic temperament, exercises his coherence. Will force him to change the mental disposition to let you lose the confidence to him,girl dresses, will let him lose self-confidently.22 teach him to approve their appearance since childhoodFor instance tells him, although he is not the big eye, but small eye, so long as bright is very attractive. Many are not self-confident often stems from does not approve to own facial expression.23 provide the books and the material to the child, supports him to do itself to vainly hope for does matterLet the child realize that to own talent and ability, he only will then have the self-confidence.24 let the baby be separated from the dependence as far as possible in the lifeOn the kindergarten must be punctual, strives for to let the alarm clock awaken him, but is not mother the summon. The life can take care of oneself the child can in the dependence situation self-confident.25 let the baby academic society enjoy the beauties of nature since childhoodHas when the baby traveling many for him narrated meets animal,discount designer children's clothes, plant, geography, literary reference and so on each kind of knowledge. Experienced can multiply self-confidently.26 do not need the insult to punish child's mistakeThe insult not only attacks child's self-confidence, but also lets the child have the rebellious attitude.27 babies encounter the setback, with the expression which relaxes with him analyzes this experience together, will not have next time the similar mistake. Blows up his self-confidence, especially is important.28 parents follow the reasonable behavior standard, is the command respect personThe parents are not respected in the society the human, most damages child's self-confidence.
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