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boys shirts For baby primary oral administration p
If you knew that helps knack which the baby is weaned, then the baby first time tastes the experience is very easy to realize. So long as you can defer to the simple step which we provide, was very quick you the baby to be able to open small mouth place to eat food.For baby primary oral administration pulpy foodWhen gives the baby oral administration pulpy foodThe expert suggested mother should better in baby 6 month-long time gives him comprehensive oral administration pulpy food. If the baby has eaten the mother's milk, then mother may in his 4 months time oral administration pulpy food. 4~6 month ago babies,(Related Articlesbaby boutique Helps the baby to stop the sob 5 ing), because digesting system and own immunity function growth insufficient consummation, if his edible pulpy food, has suffers from the food allergy and respiratory disease's danger enormously. Also certainly, if your baby 6 months later not prompt edible pulpy food, he is also unable to obtain the enough nutrition, satisfies its growth the need.Whether the baby could eat pulpy foodMother may observe the baby, when discovered when you the baby has the following behavior sign, indicated that you the baby needed oral administration pulpy food.Not only the baby likes drinking the mother's milk or the powdered formula, but is also interested to adult's food.After feeding nurses, he is not calm and steady, the satisfied appearance, but slightly obviously restless.Night when sleeps, because of hungry wakes easily makes a tearful scene.How should mother doPrepares the plastic small bowl and the small dish for the baby, pays attention to the vessel not to be too deep. The edge smooth plastic small bucket is suitable for the baby tender small mouth.Before the oral administration,boys shirts, mother encloses the small bib for the baby,baby doll lyrics, may select the quality of material soft plastic bib, is advantageous cleanly.Places the baby in the special baby chair, in mother's knee or the baby carriage the oral administration all may.Baby primary edible pulpy food, it may be said that drags in lots of people, to all around will sprinkle possibly, splashes food, will pay attention around the oral administration environment the shop good newspaper or the plastic sheeting, after the informal meal will tidy up.The 1st pageThe primary oral administration starts1. the baby first edible pulpy food is very essential, this relates the baby whether to adapt, the custom and likes pulpy food, simultaneously guarantees baby's nutrition need. The first oral administration may elect after the baby takes a nap regains consciousness, he is quite this time peaceful, the energy is also abundant. First feeds the milk which to the baby a spot he is familiar with, this is also helpful to his mood steadiness, helps the baby to relax.For baby primary oral administration pulpy food2. baby's tableware must carry on the disinfection, guarantees relative aseptic. The few baby rice noodle will mix the milk which the baby is familiar with,girl dresses, stirs to smooth pappy. Scoops up a wee bit with the small bucket to put in the baby between lips, observes baby's response, pays attention to him to the pappy food feeling. Mother may imitate the delicacy the expression to encourage the baby to eat up the first food. Do not dislike that the baby grasps swallows the skill the speed to be not very quick, also do not think that the baby puts out food to swallow food to be more initiative than, this is the normal process which the baby academic society swallows.3. do not force the baby to eat several bucket pulpy foods, only then the baby displays the appearance which wants to eat, mother only then feeds him.4. if the baby rejects the pulpy food, mother may in other time tries again. If he has displayed the appearance which does not like, must have the waiting patience, waited for that the baby makes delicious pulpy food the preparation.5. starts in the baby to eat pulpy food the first week, every day tastes pulpy food to the baby, does not need the abundant oral administration. In the later eight weeks, may increase the pulpy appetite gradually and transform food the pattern, makes the baby to foster on first to eat the three meals a day pulpy food the custom. At the same time, guarantees the baby every day about 600 milliliters mother's milks or the formula milk ingestion quantities.Primary oral administration pulpy food best foodThe baby rice noodle mixes the milk which the baby is familiar withThe fruit or the vegetables putty (one time eats one kind of putty food to baby, observes baby whether to like, and can digestion)In the baby eats pulpy food the head all around, may give him the oral administration fruit putty, for example: Banana putty, pear putty, carrot putty, mashed potatoes, applesauce and so on; Then eats the fruits and vegetables mix putty again to the babyMay the fruits and vegetables mix in the rice noodle which the baby likes the oral administrationPrimary oral administration pulpy food taboo foodIncludes wheat bran cereal food, for example breakfast oatsEggPeanut, nuts and so on almondFish and freshwater mussel shell class foodCitrus fruits class fruit and fruit juice, for example lemon, orange, orangeBean productIs salt-bearing, sugar, honey and so on ingredient excessively many foods
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