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boys pants How did the baby rest to correct
2010-4-3 suffocate. If lets the baby lie prone is resting, do not use the pillow to the baby, the bed not to be able to be excessively soft, on the bed do not put the plush toy and so on.Under pad some appropriate goodsBecause just was born the baby does not need the pillow 3 months ago or finalizes the pillow, because such easy to cause baby's nape of the neck to be curving, causes the scant of breath. At this time mother may pad some soft cotton fibers or be the quality of material quite good purified cotton towel (folds growth square shape block) under baby's head and so on goods, alleviates its forehead the pressure which pillow quarter receives.Tip: Mother might also a self-made small pillow, it highly only probably in 3-4cm be possible. The pillow do not be too soft, must attract the perspiration, the ventilation. Outside should be the purified cotton soft cloth, inside may fill the buckwheat husk, the tea, the reed catkins, the kapok and so on.Changes positions frequentlyAs a result of the instinct, mother will nurse when the baby will change mother one side, the baby when sleeping generally also will be accustomed to faces mother. For does not affect the baby skull's growth, mother and baby with resting when should transform the position frequently with the baby or turn around rests.4. gives the baby often suitably to make up the calcium and Vitamin DIn order to promote the baby skeleton's growth, mother may give the baby to supplement suitably calcareous and Vitamin D, lets the baby sun and so on.Once the leaning head, how does correct?Once the baby rested, mother should try to find solution to give the correction early, because of an age younger baby, his/her the skull complete setting, its capitiform also has not been easier to correct.1. buys the stereotypia pillow in baby forehead one side barrier height or to the baby in baby's forehead a little leaning one side, with the quite soft thing for its barrier height some, enables its forehead to be partial to this side at will. Or goes to the infant child exclusive agency to buy the stereotypia pillow, the effect is also very good.2. transforms the position with the baby to speak, when the baby is awaking time,boys pants, mother or the family member want to control nearby two to sit with the baby speak, do not only speak in one side with the baby. Specially is partial in the baby rests leaning head's one side, is advantageous for the correction.3. massages baby's pate to be possible moderately to act according to the baby leaning head's direction, gives baby's pate to massage moderately frequently, alleviates its pate the pressure. The time, will have the very good effect steadily. For instance, baby's head custom toward right, gives its right pate massage and so on.4. uses the rice bag to fix the baby to rest the posture, if the baby already were familiar with Yu the kind to rest the posture, after correcting to rest the posture not to be able to maintain for a long time,infant baby clothes, or turns frequently returns original to rest the posture, at this time was quite difficult to manage. Mother may a self-made rice bag, after placing baby's, occiput by to fix its forehead. If the baby is the left avertence head, right flank lets the baby face rests, otherwise lets left side of its dynasty rest.Tip: Mi Daiyao makes with the soft purified cotton cotton material,(Related Articlesfind baby dolls What sickness grows up skillfully), makes big somewhat suitably, inside loads the right amount rice (Mi Yao to fry ripe in pot), grips again the bag mouth tightly, then wraps the rice bag with two cotton fabrics, by antidrip rice.Small placard gentleman:In 1.2 months pay attention rest the posture baby to rest the posture to be most important in the first two months, when because the baby grows up gradually, his/her skull's degree of hardness with is also increasing,Dota Figures, the bone seam is closed, the capitiform not greatly will 2.3 months adjust because with enough time baby's capitiform 3 months later basically have fixed, rest the posture also to be possible at will. If therefore within 3 months discovered that baby's head rests a little leaning, quickly early corrects has not calculated late.3.1-and-a-half years old want to investigate normally again difficult generally speaking, baby when one year old to one-and-a-half years old, the soft spot can close, means that baby's head setting, very difficult to have changed again. That is, if mother later only then thought in one-and-a-half years old corrects the capitiform for the baby, that was quite difficult.4. baby's capitiform attractive no doubt important, but its high quality sleep is worth paying attention. Mother must certainly guarantee, in the baby may comfortable sleep calmly and steadily under the premise, carries on the capitiform the adjustment, but do not be penny-wise and pound foolish!
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