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First of all you've come to the right place...

Windowsblinds is a pretty good piece of software... you can change your windows skin (feel) the way you want pretty easely and offcourse you can do per application skining... lets say you put a finder clone and you want it to look like the finder in osx, or you want to give your browser (firefox) the safari look... this also can be accomplished using WB. You can also change the windows toolbars with it, if yztoolbar doesn't do it for you. And offcourse the file copy/move/delete animations.

Objectbar is a little difficult to mod... many settings to go through, but once you're there you'll see what an impact it is... You can hide the file menu in your windows.... and much much more. What you're missing (probably) is a good skin that you can find here on osx-e and a couple minutes of going through the apps settings. There are additional pieces of software that can go with it, like iShut, to shutdown/restart your machine.

Styler is a pretty good piece of software... it includes window skinning, toolbar skinning (like yztoolbar), drop shadows (like yzshadow, or windowsfx), windows snapping (to the edge of the screen) and much more. And yeah is payware. It still bugs me why you have problems using yztoolbar... i had it running and it worked very good. Maybe if you could give me a couple of details regarding its malfunctionality i could hive you a hand.

With VS's you can only skin windows. By using WB you can place your min, max, close buttons to the left of the window (for a more osx look), some of the themes removing even the icon that appears on the top left part of the window (pretty good thing if you ask me) and even the possibility to roll up your window like in osx. You can also do that with WinRoll, but hey the less software the smoother the pc runs (if you don't have 1 gig of ram memory).

Here's a pretty good place to start...
Osx-e presents you the Emulation Manual... use it:


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