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Re: Reflective icons not the same size?
Originally Posted by Mike3300 View Post
After I've meshed up my icons from different sources, some of the icons are too big or too small? How to solve this? I want a slightly bigger icons. Anyone?
There is really no simple answer to this...

Essentially your dock icons are made up as squares - or should I say, the transparent part around them is square. If they are not, then your dock will distort them making them long and thin. When using an icon with a reflection then the "square" needs to take in the size of the reflection as well, thus making your icon even smaller in your dock as well as further from the icon next to it (with the reflection the transparent square makes the empty side a lot bigger).

In OS X the icon transparent part, can overlap the one next door, it also generates the reflection dynamically so the icons don't need to factor in the reflection and therefore they tend to be a little bigger in the dock and a lot closer together.

The only way to try and standardise your icon size, is to either source them ALL from the same batch, or more simply, make sure they either ALL have reflections or not.
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