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Shedko Badges

author alang

Shedko Badges

Imagine a program, which will forever change your notion of desktop icons. A program, which in a blink of an eye will assist you in searching lost files or imperceptible folders. A program, so simple and clear to use, and in the same time functional and innovative.

Shedko Software in association with Va-deam’s Lab presents “Badges”.

Badges - the program, allowing placing handy emblems upon familiar Windows icons. From now there is no need to invent sophisticated file names, to drag icons to different corners of the screen or to seek new ico-files for having fast access to a folder with recent projects or with latest images. Place a badge on the desired icon and you will notice it immediately!

10 different kinds of badges, each represents its own semantic category: certified, cool, danger, delete, distinguished, favourite, important, new, personal and web. This will satisfy even exacting users. The quantity of the placed badges is unlimited.

Key Features:

  • Custom themes support. Badges uses special format SBZ as themes. These files are automatically associated with the program and are fully-processed (intuitive drag ‘n drop). Want to create your own theme? You are welcome! Check out the Badges Icon Design Guidelines, delivered in English and Russian languages.
  • Excellent integration with Windows Explorer. Badges adds item in contex menu, the tab to dialog of properties of files and folders and also new column in to Explorer. It is possible to involve simultaneously all options, the opportunity of disconnect of everyone them however is stipulated.
  • Interaction with all Windows applications. If you place a badge upon a file, it can be seen not only in Explorer. Your badge will be shown in any Open, Save etc. dialogue window.
  • Exquisite design. Badges can brag of the refined interface and corporate identity by Va-deam’s Lab. The style will not disappoint both Vista Aero fans and Mac OS X Aqua adherents. The Mellow badges theme was specially created and is exclusively distributed with Badges. Mellow features bright colors, glass shine, clear lines and contrast. It looks brilliant at any size.
  • Convenient manager for maintenance and control over all the badges you placed. If you put a lot of badges and moreover in various places, and then want to remove them, the built-in manager will come to the help! Use fully functional sorting for comfort display of the library and removal of unwanted badges.
  • The program was translated into many languages. In standard package English, Russian, Ukrainian, Japanese, German and Armenian language files are included. Badges category names can also be translated.
  • Unlike other programs, which operate with icons, Badges can place a badge even on removable disks, hard disks and network drives! Any badge can be shown even in the system tray if your storage device appears to be full.

Developer : Shedko Software
Version : 1.5
Filesize : 1.76MB



Comment by Shedko on 2006-08-21 01:22:19

NOTE: this version 1.0 RC 1 may do not work on some PC, please download new version 1.0 RC 3 from

What new in 1.0 RC 3 ( 21 august 2006 )
+ Manager: Now window position was saved and restored from settings.ini
+ Manager: On lines with invalid badges now showing symbol ‘!’
+ Manager: on Library page items now have more small height and small (14 px) icon.
+ Manager: Now on right side of theme selection page you may see information about theme.
+ Manager: Added feature to delete badges in manager.
+ Manager: Now for drawing theme preview in manager used special 50×50 icon format.
+ Manager: Added feature to choose theme for toolbar.
+ Property page: is ready for translation.
+ Property page: icons now uses alfa blending.
+ Property page: “Reset” icon now placed as 1-st icon.
+ Property page: used special 50×50 icon format from icon.
+ Property page: button “Reset” replaced by icon “Reset”
+ Context menu: Removed symbol ‘-’.
+ Context menu: used special 14×14 icon format from icon.
* FIXED: installer do not corectly register all dlls on most system and as result badges is not work.
+ Other small improvements and bug-fixes.

Comment by alang on 2006-08-21 16:02:55

I’d updated the download links and description to the latest version

Comment by Shedko on 2006-08-23 00:07:00

Sory for all errors.

Now I’m will publish more stable version, that do not requie old versions of Badges. Versions RC2-RC3 on most PC work only if RC 1 installed early.
Version 1.0 RC 4 will do work on all PC.

1.0 RC 4 ( 23 august 2006 ) - Bug fix version
+ Manager: Added context menu to sorting of items in library.
* FIXED: now all dll will be registered on all PC.

You may download this pre-final version from:

Thanks for patience.

Comment by Phil K on 2006-09-27 10:29:23

A great idea.
Totally original.
All I’d ask is a few more pics to use as badges. They’re a bit thin on the ground at the minute.
Great stuff.

Comment by Shedko on 2006-10-03 23:47:41

If you need more themes you may download some from:
On this page, at this time only 4 additional themes, but in 1-2 week, i’m realise Final version + some new themes. (with permissions from icons authors)

Comment by inoy on 2007-02-08 14:00:58

????? ?????? ????!

Comment by General Maximus on 2007-03-03 21:51:04

Badges? Like the emblems in the Linux GNOME desktop?

Comment by Shedko on 2007-03-05 09:24:41

>> Badges? Like the emblems in the Linux GNOME desktop?

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