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VLT Visual Styles

author alang
author August 10th, 2006

Created from real screenshots of Mac OSX Tiger 10.4 only
This VS develop for “Va-deamís Lab Tiger 2.0 Transformation Pack”
DJ.Hmelnitski,Va-deam and all others from community.
Special thanks to Va-deamís Lab team for idea and beta testing. [link]
Developer : evgkursai
Version : 2.0
Filesize : 514KB

Downloaded a total of 6665 times


OSX Tiger V for Window Blinds

author alang
author May 30th, 2006

OSX Tiger theme for WindowBlinds with Per-Pixel borders (with support for non Per-Pixel border capable systems)
For OSX and non-OSX users who want the feel of OSX on Windows
Disable Styler’s shadows if using Per-Pixel borders (Styler performs bad use Y’z shadow instead)
Y’z shadow is recommended for transparent menus and window shadows
Beta 1 release
The Beta 1 only [...]


OSX Tiger V Visual Styles

author alang
author May 16th, 2006

7 styles to choose from! (Tiger, Pinstripe, Smooth Metal + bonus Milk Glass… plus graphite alternatives)
Compact Style without Spotlight
3 font choices… Lucida grande 8, Bold 8 and Bold 7 (Install the fonts included!)
Pixel Perfect Finder
OSX Cursors (with inf installation and are applied via the theme files)
Tiger wallpaper (applied via the theme files)
Iceman’s OSX Sounds (applied [...]


Tiger 2k6 for Objectbar

author alang
author May 8th, 2006

A tiger style skin, but a bit changed. Initially in spanish but easlily translatable to english (see readme.txt).
Developer : gartzen
Filesize : 663KB
Requirements: Objectbar

Downloaded a total of 2526 times


X-Tiger Visual Styles

author alang
author April 15th, 2006

Tiger visual styles by Leo-osx. Please read instruction in .rar file
Developer : Leo-osx
Filesize : 4.70MB
Requirements: Windows XP

Downloaded a total of 6014 times


OSX Tiger for Shellwm

author alang
author March 31st, 2006

This is a Tiger skin for shellwm with title bar buttons on the left!
Developer : iNinja
Version : 1.0
Filesize : 22KB

Downloaded a total of 1906 times


Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger on Intel

author alang
author February 24th, 2006

Introducing the new enhanced Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger wisual style for Windows XP. This is an upgrade from my MIMIC Tiger release. This theme is still in beta stage and the final will be released soon. Thanks to those who helped and continue to give input.
Developer : shardies
Version : 2
Filesize : 569KB
Requirements: Windows [...]


Perfect Safari for Window Blinds 4.5 - 5.0

author alang
author December 13th, 2005

This is a Safari mod to blend with the SaFire firefox theme by Bazon. For the windows theme, I’m using Mac OS X Tiger (Brushed Aqua sub-style) by Steve Grenier.
To install the Safari mod:
1) Add skin to WindowBlinds.
2) Under Per Application settings in WindowBlinds, add Firefox.exe
3) Select the “Safari” skin
4) Apply Changes and you’re [...]


Panther Mod Visual Style

author alang
author October 25th, 2005

It’s a mod Panther with another style button (just for graphite). Have fun
Developer : Hoarkis
Filesize : 123KB
Requirements: Windows XP

Downloaded a total of 2087 times


OSX Tiger VS 3

author alang
author October 24th, 2005

OSX Tiger version III by dobee
Includes Pixel Perfect Finder
0px Borderless but still resizeable (1px bottom border)
4 styles(Tiger, Pinstripe, Graphite + Smooth Metal) + compact
As accurate as possible
Firefox themes available (Based on Safari) here

Developer : dobee
Version : 3
Filesize : 226KB

Downloaded a total of 1660 times