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LeopardXP Visual Styles

author alang

This is just a slightly modified LeopardXP VS supported with Leopard skin for TT (True Transparency) and skin for MAC search…

This would be probably my last Leopard style ever. I simply don’t need to make something like this, but since I was left a couple of things unfinished earlier, I was decided to fix that by making another variation.

It seems that Ati graphics are suffering from certain shell integration, because of which I was been forced to repack all shell styles separately from the style. I was discovered that latest ati drivers are handling different shell style graphics in older version of the windows and perhaps version of the windows with SP2.


1. LeopardXP visual style
2. Shell styles variations for Ati and Nvidia graphics
3. LeopardXP style for TT
4. Leopard Mac Search skin
5. Leopard Styler skin

TClock2 1.20

TT (True Transparency)


Lucida Grande Fonts

Additional search engine style for firefox



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