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Leopard OSX for Win7 RC v2

author alang

Hello there.
You all know that my first release of this theme was a crap and have it a lot of bugs and didnt look just like a mac, so here is my second attempt for a better theme. Hope that you gonna like it.

*** by the way this theme is only for Windows 7 RC build 7100 and if you want it for 7126 or other build you have to make it yourself
***if you dont like it, dont download it, i make it just for my personal use and i just wannet to share it.

- For a better look i recomand you to use the basic theme
- Use object bar with a osx skin for a better taskbar [link]
- Use lefsider for a left side position of the close/max/min buttons
- Use RK Launcher
- Use an iconpackager pack with osx icons [link]

Whats new:
- added a new adress bar
- new close/min/max buttons
- new start panel
- new frames
- new progres bar
- new scroll bar
- new orb (if you dont like it make it your own)
- remake a new control panel
… and the list can continue and let you to discover all the rest

Download [7MB]


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