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Leopard Glass 3.0 with LeoFox

author alang

Leopard Glass 3.0 with LeoFox

Leopard Glass theme version 3.0 is an upgrade of Leopard Glass version2.0

What is included in this pack?
Leopard WindowBlinds theme
Leopard Firefox Theme
Leopard StylerToolbar
Leopard Wallpapers
Fonts(Lucida Grande and Segoe UI)

Please remove first Leopard 2.0 theme, if you use.
Leopard FF skin complately my work, but I take little help other skins (some icons or small picture, installer etc..). Please install in this packages fonts. 

Highly recommanded addons for FF
Personal Menu (for hide menubar)
Hide Statusbar

StylerToolbar, Firefox buttons, traffic light and buttons and startbutton original leopard port..

Firefox Skin full compitable LG 3.0 Wb skin, if you use it other skins maybe litle bugs found it. But can you edit to userchrome.css fix any litle problem.

LeoFOX Small update (Fix toolbar background color for other skins, please remove first old skin)
Leopard Glass 3.0 update (startmenu places bar Panel fix)

Developer : neodesktop
Filesize : 4.1MB

Download [4.1MB]


Comment by jo on 2007-09-08 03:40:58

oh for moment i read vista GLASS

Comment by Roland Jefferson on 2007-09-08 09:53:33

This is a very nice theme but one thing that I don’t understand about this, is why wasn’t a standard aqua theme included? The scroll bars are aqua but the buttons are graphite. That’s the only thing that somewhat kills the theme for me.

Comment by D72 on 2007-09-09 06:01:06

Version 3 is released

Comment by vellkan on 2007-09-09 22:48:47

Hi :)
Quite nice theme, but I found one problem in Explorer window.
Left panel is blue :( Like in default Windows XP skin.

But everything else - it’s almost perfect :)
Nice job :)


Comment by Tom on 2007-09-15 22:30:29

i would love to know what dock is being used in that screen shot and where are those icons? that is a beautiful dock, and i would love to use it!

does anyone know where i can find it?

Comment by Heigo on 2007-09-18 19:54:10

The left panel in explorer (using xp) is white and not blue like in iTunes. Is there a way that version 4 it is fixed. Your screenshot is diffrent from that point of view. Everything else is super cool. I love it. :D

Comment by bysy on 2007-09-20 16:41:30

how can i use it help pls:S

Comment by STWeston on 2007-10-21 10:06:52

How do I install the LeoFox Skin?

Comment by kinsemon on 2007-10-24 13:42:20

open firefox add-on/themes menu. drag and drop the .jar file in the left panel of the themes menu (note the green/+ sign in your cursor…)

Comment by James on 2007-10-27 20:52:26


how do I install that???

Comment by c0ma on 2007-10-28 13:41:08

What are you wanting to install?? All of it?? Well first you need Windowsblinds (made by Stardock) After installing that, install a new theme, browse for the Leopard theme and then apply it. Make you you have installed the fonts supplied.
As for the Firefox theme, just open up the theme manager, and then drag the .jar file on the theme window and Firefox should take care of the rest, then select use this theme and you should be set?? What else are you wanting to install??

Comment by h[2]o on 2007-11-11 18:01:56

How to install this thing??

Comment by bintar on 2007-11-12 16:32:53

how to apply the styler? does it need another apps? how can i apply perfectly same folder icon as above picture? many thanks. i am enjoying using it.

Comment by ezaen on 2007-11-23 18:41:24

download link Error 404 - Not Found

Comment by alang on 2007-11-23 23:29:49

I can download the file without any problem

Comment by Carlos on 2007-12-19 07:40:20

This package is just awesome. The FF skin is the best I’ve seen. Congrats, and thank you very much for sharing!

Comment by dave on 2007-12-27 09:22:30

ive already installed the WB skin, but i don’t know how to change the left side panel and the forward and back buttons,
help please!

Comment by kinsemon on 2007-12-27 17:37:42

the ‘left side panel’ is modified with FindeXer. Buttons? install/run Styler toolbar.
check this out:
use leopard theme for styler toolbar.
follow the instructions in his ‘Sidebar tutorial’…

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