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Search your PC in Spotlight style! With two default skins — Blue and Graphite.

How To: No installation is needed. Simply extract to the folder Program Files / MacSearch and make the shortcut to the file MacSearch.exe in the folder StartUp.

Double click the tray icon to show the search field. The image file will be created (in 1-2 min.). Search anything. Right click onto the file name in the list to see the context menu. Right click the search window or the tray icon to get the main application menu.

Rename the application to “Spotlight”.

Edit the file “SearchByKind.txt” into main applications folder to set your search order and extensions. Try to search

To uninstall simply remove the folder MacSearch.

Notes to the version 1.4+ :

Bottom placed MacSearch (1024×768):


The request which you tape in Search Bar is always the part of some file name. If you search “by word”, type * or ? ( it equal “any name” ) in Search Bar to start of searching.

To get the z-symbol in the “Preferences” window install the font “Finderbar.ttf” (247 Kb, or see in the subfolder “Extras”) . ( z = Ctrl )

The icons of applications in the results window have not Alpha-transparency, sorry. May be, in the next release. Put the file exe.ico into the “Icons” folder to get the default exe-icon.

The picture for the “pressed state” must be so high as the taskbar and can have the custom width.

The results list of founded files can be scrolled with the mouse wheel or with the PgUp/Down keys only if the MacSearch window is active.

The “extension” for folders is dir .

The “extension” for Start Menu applications ( exe-files only ) is startmenu .

The “extension” for Top Hit is recent (it will be searched in the user’s system folder “Recent Documents”)

Additional keys in MacSearch.ini :

* UseWheel = 1 or 0 (if you have not the wheel) , default is 1
* ShowTree = 1 or 0 (use to show/hide the folders tree pane in Explorer by “Show folder”) , default is 1
* ShowToolTip = 1 or 0 (use to hide the tool tip with the file path) , default is 1
* ResizeResultsWindow = 1 or 0 , default is 1
* ShowProgramName = 1 or 0 (switch off the title of Search Bar) , default is 1
* LogRescan = 1 or 0 (logs the time of last database update in the file “Log.txt”) , default is 0
* FlatListResults = 1 or 0 (make/hide the place for icons in Results window) , default is 0

The normal CPU usage by disks rescan is 15-18%, by search — 3-4%, memory usage 4.5 Mb.

To set the custom skin make the new subfolder “MySkin” in the folder “Skins”, create and place the followed files:

* active_icon.ico
* unactive_icon.ico
* throbber.ani
* background.png
* clear.ico
* results_background.png
* pressed.png
* default_icon.ico
* show_all_icon.ico

To use MacSearch with Object Bar start MacSearch first and run:

a) MacSearch_Trigger.exe


b) Trigger.cmd (make the shortcut to Trigger.cmd and set “Start minimized”)

Note, that by searching of two words “win xp” the program find all file names with “win” AND “xp”:

* mswinxp.pal
* Windows Explorer.ico
* Windows XP-Tour.lnk

If you see in the menu “Open with…” not the full applications name, but only the name of executable file, make the shortcut in your Start Menu to this executable and give it the correct name. Example: To see “Microsoft Word” not “WINWORD” make the shortcut with the name “Microsoft Word” to the file “winword.exe”. Then update the database.

Developer : Landvermesser
Version : 1.4.3
Filesize : 888KB

Download MacSearch Version 1.4.3

Downloaded a total of 9000 times


Comment by Paco on 2006-09-03 04:26:01

It doesn’t work for me…everytime I try to install it, the finder says “Files Not Found!”

Comment by Logan on 2006-09-30 00:37:20

Extrange, didn work in my desktop, but work nice in my lap :)

Comment by Alternatix on 2006-11-05 10:21:38

google desktop search are required for this software

Comment by Logan on 2006-11-08 06:51:30

The Google desktop search are NOT required for this software, works alone.
Only put in the root of the disk and use it. I really like how works, only I cant change the default icon.

Comment by Logan on 2006-11-08 06:54:17

Suggestion, disable the Silent Rescan, this crash my computer. Tanks the programer good program.

Comment by Yasser on 2006-11-22 22:01:06

It worked , Logan,as you said.everyone plz extract the files into c:\spotlight as i did ,and copy the file “Locate” into the system32 folder inside “Windows” folder then double click the file “Locate” from > “c:\spotlight\locate.exe ” and i guarntee to you ,it will work !!!

Comment by 3bepek on 2006-12-28 11:41:26

Yasser is right!!
Now it works!! Thanks a lot!

Comment by Juu on 2007-01-02 17:00:04

Great programm, works fine!!
Thank you.

Comment by Ballena on 2007-01-07 21:51:22

I have tried many spotlight clones and this is the best.

Comment by protonzx on 2007-02-10 03:55:36

It works well, but i can’t change its icon on my tray. Maybe next release it will be enhanced. Good Works

Comment by Peter on 2007-02-11 07:25:06

I clicked the option to use the “hotzone” feature. I didn’t know what that was, and now I can’t use this search anymore cause I can’t find how to activate it or change that “hotzone” back to using a tray icon. Please help! Put it back to normal! I’m sorry for being curious!


Comment by ghanu on 2007-02-23 22:41:43

its the best spotlight clone i have seen and efficient too. thanx landvermesser

Comment by Mellie on 2007-03-11 03:41:05

Does not seem to work on my Windows 2000 PC at all, it does appear in the processes in my task manager though.

Comment by fyton5 on 2007-05-09 03:18:12

@ peter: as you can see in the screenshot the hostspot is located near the right upper corner (where the mouse pointer is)

Comment by fyton5 on 2007-05-09 03:24:03

btw, works great!


[...] Enjoy! Get it here. [...]

Comment by Tim on 2007-05-31 20:57:31

Yasser, I did what you said but it didn’t work!!


[...] Shedko Badges - Get it here Very useful for keeping projects in order & inline. I pair it with my Priority theme & language. MacSearch - Get it here Doesn’t require Google Desktop & you can specify the file types it searches. Love it & its FAST! Make sure to put the folder in your C drive root. [...]

Comment by AbstauBaer on 2007-08-24 02:03:55

Hi!, how to get it the way iit looks like in the screenshot? With that full blue round corner area? ObjectBar needed for that?
I Wonder why it can’t be placed just like it is in the screenshot and on real macs, as MacClock is doing so…
But no complaints i sill love it.

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Comment by Dane on 2007-11-27 05:09:21

This is the best spotlight clone i have used and i have tried them all. this one is no worries, just install and create a database and your good.

Comment by pedro on 2008-06-10 09:18:15

Where is da link

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