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SaFire for Firefox 1.0x & Deer Park

author alang

SaFire for Firefox 1.0x & Deer Park

SaFire, a Safarifox Theme based on the default Firefox Theme and Brushed Brushed Safarifox from Hills for Firefox 1.0x and 1.0+ (Deer Park).

Less Bugs, more Features, improved compatibility!

+++very newest news+++very newest news+++very newest news
update 2005.07.03:
This time it took a little longer to update, there were severall little items and I wanted to update them all in one rush, so you needn’t update so often. Most important, as suggested by terpfen, internal support for Sage is added (thanks to S.i.T. for the Sage modifications, I only included them in the theme). Other things: repostitioned mail button and textboxes, deactiveted pressed states for deactivated buttons, centered loading Firefox Image and finally found a simple solution for using the bookmarks toolbar for all buttons and bars (thanks to Dr. Evil!) - see extra Tricks and Tips below..

+++newest news+++newest news+++newest news+++newest news
update 2005.06.26:
- Fixed Problem with scrollbars which occured sometimes.

- Added an userChrome.css to make this theme work with more Toolbarbuttons from E-r-i-C’s Theme (without including them directly in this theme, you know, as long as he didn’t agreed i won’t do…) See Tips and Tricks below

+++new news+++new news+++new news+++new news
update 2005.06.24:
I only recently noticed SaFire wasn’t compatible to the Fusion Extension (which is included in E-r-i-C’s theme) due to the way the URL-Bar was built. Shame on me! So now, SaFire is compatible to Fusion (inofficial Deer Park compatible version: here)! Enjoy!

For a short time, on 2005.06.23 a fusion compatibel version was online which only worked with brushed visual styles, sorry!

This Theme has been updated 2005.06.18.
The CodeBase has completly changed: Mostly, it’s the default Deer Park Theme, only with the necessary modifications to make it look like the Safarifox Theme from hills/aqaurius2003. The reason for this is i believe the code from 0.9x times is too old now, it’s time for making the codebase fresher to improve general compatibility. Changes from the previous version are marked with bold italic text. (unfortunatly no Colour support here… )

This is more a Code Deviation than a Graphic Deviation: Optical it’s nearly exactly Brushed Brushed Safari from Hills, but the Code is rebuild and includes some Bugfxes, improved Compatibility and some new Features.
I hope some of the other Safarifox Theme Developers will look at the Code (or of course use it), as it is frustrating that so many nice Safarifox Themes exist, but they nearly all contain the same Bugs/Incompatibilities.
So i’ll explain preciesly where each change is done [in brackets like this, only relevant if you also want to modify a theme]:

New Features:

- The Update Arrow is displayed by default. I think this is an important feature of Firefox which improves your Safety [mod done in mozapps\update\*].
- The security level of encryted pages is now shown as background colour in the URL bar:
* security level=high — green
* security level=low — yellow
* security level=broken — red

- The SearchBar is now resizeable. See Tips and tricks below.
- Added a tiny reminder you still use Firefox and not Safari (an idea from S.i.T.). Appears only when you open a new tab in foreground. (See tips and tricks how to switch it off.)

Internal Button support for some Safari-relevant Extensions:

-When you install the zoomy Extension, you could use the small ‘A’ and big ‘A’ Buttons to zoom the text. (I think this is what the Buttons are made for in Safari…) Just install zoomy and drop the buttons on the Toolbar, no more additional modding needed! (Inofficial Version hacked for Deer Park: here) [mod done in browser\browser.css]

-The Apple Icon for Compact Menu is supported by default, just install Compact Menu. (Inofficial hacked version for Deer Park: here) [mod done in browser\browser.css]
- The + Button for the Safari-Addbookmark Extension from jggame (see here, the secoond post) is supported in both button styles (brushed/aqua)
- Fusion (inofficial Deer Park comp. version) works now.

- No special support needed, but also nice for Safari-Clons: Stop-or-reload (innofficial Deer Park comp. version)
- Theme intern Button for the TabMix ‘New Tab’ Button in the TabBar.
- Theme intern Buttons for Sage.

Improved Compatibility (and therefore new Features):

-This Mod is fully compatible with TabMix. (I recommend this version of TabMix Plus). That makes the following features accesable:

* Change the active Tab by mouse over Tab
* Tab Close Buttons in every Tab
* Progressmeter in Tabs
* Select Color for unread Tabs. Default color is red. (Other Colors: See Tips and tricks below)
*New Tab Button in Tabbar.

[mod done in global\browser.css There is no extra Code necessary to support TabMix, i just removed the buggy Code which prevented TabMix from working fully]

- This Modification is combatible to Firefox 1.0x and 1.0+ (Deer Park) [mod done in install.rdf, browser\preferences\*, global\global.css and browser\browser.css (there: the page-proxy-icon)]

less Bugs:

- fixed Findbar [mod done in browser\browser.css]
- readable Tabtext without TBE [mod done in global\browser.css]
- faster change of the active tab: In all previous other Safarifox Themes, Firefox tries to load severall gifs which simply don’t exist! On a faster Computer, you wont see a difference, but on my 600MHz Via Epia M it’s a real brake. Which is now removed [mod done in global\tabbox.css]

- right Click on Tab -> Close Tab works now (it worked also before, but you had to do it twice or use Tabmix) [mod done in global\browser.css]
- The Help Window is now displayed right. Without any need to replace help.jar.
- The Go - Button is now moveable. (Although it’s still tricky as it is so little, but at least it’s now possible!)
- Less graphic problems with extensions! Noticed so far: Ez Sidebar, DownThemAll, FireFTP

Possible Problems:

-This theme has not enough different buttons, only the once included in Hills theme. E-r-i-C’s theme has all buttons, but I didn’t want to steal them.

I think that’s all. Notice: This Theme is not guaranteed bugfree, it has only less bugs than the Original. Feel free to inform me about remaining bugs.

Other Safari inspired Themes for Fx 1.0:

Also have a look at E-r-i-C’s mod of Hills Theme, it has more different buttons and other features. (But is not Deer Park and not TabMix compatible.)

And also there is this Deer Park compatible Brushed Theme by e|vo which has also advanced compatibility! (but Fusion doesn’t work)

Extra Tips and Tricks (espacially for your userChrome.css):

- Make the theme more flat by using the MenuToolbar as a bar for buttons and removing the Navigation Toolbar (just like in the screenshot above / OK, this is an old trick, but for those who don’t know…):

First install Compact Menu (for Deer Park). Then ReArrange your Toolbars by selecting View - Toolbars - Customize…: Place your Compact Menu in the Bookmarks Toolbar and drag and drop your regular menu away. Now move every button and bar from the Navigation Toolbar to the Menu Toolbar above and hide the Navigation Toolbar View - Toolbars - (unselect) Navigation Toolbar. Although now possible, it’s not so easy to move the go-button as it is very little. You may switch to another theme to move this button…

- Choose between Brushed and Aqua Buttons! Choose View - Toolbars - Customize… and the select ‘use small icons’ for aqua icons.

- You want the full palette of icons (New Tab, New Window, Downloads, Copy,…) like in E-r-i-C’s Theme? As I mentioned before, i don’t want to include them in the theme unless E-r-i-C agreed. But you can do it yourself a relativly easy way:
Save E-r-i-C’s Toolbarbuttons in C:\toolbar (don’t rename it!). Use this userChrome.css (or add it to your existing userChrome.css and delete the second @namespace line.) This userChrome.css file could be read as a textfile and it contains some additional infos.

In small icon mode/ Aqua Buttons you now have the full sortiment of all buttons :)
(Note: If you use Fusion, it’ll only work after Firefox restart when changing the icon ’size’)

- Resize the SearchBar! There are two ways and you easily can combine them:
1. relative Size to URL Bar: add this to your userChrome.css:
#search-container, #searchbar {
-moz-box-flex: 200 !important;

A value of -moz-box-flex: 1000 will make the SearchBar as big as the URL-Bar. The greater the value the bigger the SearchBar.
Note: Some Visual Styles have a bug which causes low values of -moz-box-flex to make big SearchBars. In this case use high values of -moz-box-flex to make the SearchBar small or use the second way:

2. absolut size of the SearchBar: add this to your userChrome.css:
#search-container, #searchbar {
min-width: 400px !important;
max-width: 400px !important;

Of course a combination of both is possible:
#search-container, #searchbar {
-moz-box-flex: 200 !important;
min-width: 100px !important;
max-width: 400px !important;

will make your SearchBar between 100 and 400 pixel big, depending on the horizontal size of the window.

- If you don’t like the boarderline: Add this to your userChrome.css:

toolbar[type="menubar"], menubar {
border-bottom: 0px !important;

- If you really don’t like the update arrow, put the following code in your userChrome.css:
toolbarbutton[type="updates"] {
display: none !important;

- If you like another Color for the unread Tabs (a TabMix Feature), put this in your userChrome.css:
For TabMix Plus:
tabs[unread=true] tab:not([selected]) .tab-text {
color: blue !important;
/* or with CSS color code like: color: #ff4444 !important; (which is red, the default color) */

For TabMix:

tabs[unread=true] tab:not([selected]) {
color: blue !important;
/* or with CSS color code like: color: #ff4444 !important; (which is red, the default color) */

- You don’t like the Firefox background for new Tabs: Add this to your userChrome.css:
#main-window {
background-image: url(’chrome://global/skin/toolbar/bkg.png’) !important;

background-repeat: repeat !important;

If you want another image as yor background image, set the path to this image:
#main-window {
background-image: url(”file://C:/path/to/image.png”) !important;
(of course you have to adapt the path, jpg is also possible)

- Here a Tip for Deer Park: To make the back and forward function faster, do the following:
# Run Deer Park and type ‘about:config’ in the location bar.
# Right-click on the main content area.

1. Select New
2. Select Integer

# Enter the preference name ‘browser.sessionhistory.max_viewers’ and click OK.
# Enter ‘5′ and click OK.

# Shutdown and restart Deer Park.

- I said it before, but anyhow: Install zoomy (inofficial Deer Park comp. Version) to use the small A, big A buttons to zoom the textsize!

- You want to use the bookmarks-toolbar for bigger buttons and Bars? Put this in your userChrome.css:

toolbarbutton.bookmark-item {max-height: none !important;}

- Ah, and there is another thing: Did you ever thought about making other Safarifox Themes for 1.0PR compatible to 1.0+ (Deer Park)? With this patch you can: Unzip the patch and the themefile (rename *.jar to *.zip and unzip) and replace the original theme files with those included in the patch. (Important: If the theme has a fixed Findbar yet, delete browser\fixed-find.css). Then repack (and rename to *.jar) the theme. The Theme will include all feautres of this theme before the last update (so it’ll be TabMix compatible and the Tabs will change faster…)
Works good for themes from susumu-Express (see here e.g.), not so good for other themes…

Thanks and Credits to Hills and aquarius2003 , who ported the original Theme from Max Rudberg.
Also extra big thanks to S.i.T. and bird for testing and various tips.

0.11 (7th Jun.): Deleted the Bug aliguana23 reported (which occured only in some Visual Styles)
0.12 (9th Jun.): Adapted the ‘New Tab Button’ in the Tabbar for TabMix Plus (I recommend TabMix Plus for Deer Park: In the other version (just TabMix) the extra functions in the tabmenu are often missed and the favicon isn’t displayed right.)
0.1 (18th Jun.): Release
0.101 (20th Jun.): Added Tab Drop Indicator for recent nightlies
0.102 (21st Jun.): Fixed Download Window for recent nightlies

0.103 (22nd Jun.): Fixed Dropmarker Problem for non-Back-/Forward Buttons
0.105 (23rd Jun.): (Only online for a few hours, then replaced by 0.103) Fusion compatibel but worked only with brushed visual styles, sorry!
0.11 (24th Jun.): Fusion compatibel, recut Buttons (Theme flatter and less margin problems), improved Menu
0.111 (26th Jun.): Fixed Scrollbar
0.2 (3th July): Included Sage Button support, repositioned some buttons, textboxes and the background graphic, changed pressed states for unactive buttons, the bookmark toolbar can now contain all buttons and bars.

check for updates! (You hate updates? Then let me tell you: Only by releasing this theme it was possible to find all the things that can be improved, alone i wouldn’t have found them [there's a thread about this theme in the german firefox forum.] Many thanks for all tips!)

Developer : BazonBloch
Version : 0.2
Filesize : 724KB
Requirements: Firefox

Download SaFire for Firefox 1.0x & Deer Park

Downloaded a total of 2500 times

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