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Mac OS X Leopard Mail

author alang


“Mac OS X Leopard Mail Version 1.0″ skin for Thunderbird 2.+ by REO-2007

The style of the tool bar It is reflected by skin color of “WindowBlinds” and “VisualStyle”.
Status bar is only a Leopard theme.
It was updated than a tiger.
Tool bar button and folder pane icon.

I produced the tool bar button.

1. Leopard—————————————————–
- Leopard_Mail_byREO-2007.jar
- AccountBar.jar
- compact_menu_2-2.0.3-fx+tb_Clear.xpi (~mod by me) by compact_menu_2-2.0.3-fx+tb
- Leopard_note.xpi (~mod by me) by XNote
- userChrome.css
image of “AccountBar” installs it in skin.
“compact menu” is usually transparent, but reacts to mouse over.

2. Extension Installation——————————————————-
- Nightly Tester Tools
- Edit Config Files

3. fake button—————————————————————
- “ToDo” of the tool bar button is “Mark”.
- AccountBar(One in three things does not function.)

4. The label change of the “tool bar button” and “Thread Pane”————————-
To change your labels for the toolbar and thread sorting columns:
(1) Go to your Thunderbird program directory’s chrome folder C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\chrome\
(2) Open up your locale version.jar . For me, it’s en-US.jar, but i do suppose its different for different countries.
(3) Go to your \locale\(local version)\messenger directory (e.g. en-US.jar\\locale\en-US\messenger\
(4) Locate messenger.dtd and extract that to a temp place, like your desktop, and open it up in wordpad.
(5) Search for and and change the appropriate fields. (e.g. “Write” to “New Massge”, “Mark” to “To Do”, “Date” to “Date Received”, “Sender” to “From”
(6) Finally replace it in the original .jar file.



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