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Peers - The Missing Search for Firefox

author alang


Peers provides realtime search previews for your searchbar like Inquisitor for Safari. It makes your web experience much more comfy.

Search Google or Yahoo while you type. A realtime preview shows up immediately.

Use site-search for, Wikipedia and many more sites: Just select a supported search engine.

Surf on the suggestion way. Click on a suggestion to use it for the following preview.

Use filters. Clarify the preview by using filters. There exist filters for many annoying sites.

Handsome and sleek appearance. It’s handling feels intuitive and smooth. That’s how Firefox can look.

Developer: Jan Bolz and Daniel Sache



Comment by ema on 2008-03-22 17:32:01

thank u man, beautiful extension, but can you do an option to resize the blueline title,i see words very little

Comment by ema on 2008-03-22 17:33:48

grat man,beautiful extension,but can u do an option to resize the blueline title,because i see very little words

Comment by Carlos on 2008-03-22 23:01:30

Thanks :)

I was looking for an extension like this

Comment by Jan on 2008-03-23 10:11:00

nice idea but, say i type in “vertigo”, it gives me a suggested list. i click on vertigo add on for firefox and all i get is a google search page for the word vertigo. should it not go to the url i clicked?

the peers preferences at the bottom of the window also gives me the same search page. so not working for me at all.

Comment by Jan on 2008-03-23 10:11:57

oops forgot, also the icons and the text for each link are overlapped.

and the lag time between typing the search and the window appearing is a bit annoying. i guess this is the script at work searching?

Comment by peerbros on 2008-03-23 16:32:21

it’s sounds like a bad interaction with another extensions. try to disable some.
please use the feedback link in the about window to send a list of your installed plugins. also include a screenshot. thanks.

Comment by Jan on 2008-03-24 12:48:35

ok i turned off half my extensions. doesnt seem to have made a difference. still get the same errors.

these are the remaining extensions still switched on:

this is the peers window when searching for “vertigo” - you can see the overlapping:

and this is what i get no matter where i click in the peers list. i click any link or peers preferences and this is all i get:

Comment by Jan on 2008-03-24 13:39:28

this is the peers window when searching (takes 5 secs to appear once i type the word) - you can see the overlapping here:

Comment by peerbros on 2008-03-24 16:45:59

Just send an feedback email via the about window of the Peers extension. There you can put your screenshots. We appreciate your bug report but you don’t help us that way. Don’t trash the comments like this. Thanks.

Comment by Jan on 2008-03-24 20:27:58

not my fault if you make a comment and it dont appear. this site’s comments system needs fixing…
i’ll send an email as you suggested.

admin can you tidy this thread up please? its an eyesore now

Comment by alang on 2008-03-24 21:14:30

some comments put on moderation queue first to avoid spam. So, if you comment not appear immediately, please wait until I approve it.

Comment by peerbros on 2008-03-24 22:32:01

Version 0.5.2 of Peers don’t cooperate with Version 0.49 of the Tab Mix Plus extension. The actual version of Tab Mix Plus is supported.

Comment by peersbros on 2008-03-29 17:51:00

New version is out which fixes some bugs. Download it at

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