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Mac OSX Cursors

author alang

Mac OSX Cursors

The “Busy” and “Working in Background” cursors have the very nice, smooth swirl animation.
It comes in Blue Aqua, Graphite, and Burn.
And the cursors have a great 1:1 shadow.

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Comment by Vic on 2007-01-09 02:07:58

How do I intall it?

Comment by Josh Young on 2008-03-15 05:57:42

you have to manually change each item under the pointers tab in mouse in control panel

Comment by aylanc3 on 2007-01-10 17:58:40

you better do not install it if you do not know how to install a cursor set.
But a hint from me: try to check the path:
c:\windows\cursors\ ;-)

Comment by Sense on 2007-01-21 14:49:22

Does it also work on Linux(X)?

Comment by Labaris on 2007-03-18 23:54:49

Hi, how can I change the “link select icon”? Everything but that icon is in c:\windows\cursors\


Comment by LaBella on 2007-03-25 04:46:47

don’t let the length of these directions fool you- it’s pretty easy to change cursors- (actually, once you get to the “MOUSE POINTERS” dialog box, you could probably figure the rest out on your own). However, i still made sure to write the directions as detailed & accurate as i could. The point was to be extra clear in order to avoid confusion… but sometimes too much direction can be confusing too… anyway:


click ‘START’> open ‘CONTROL PANEL’> click ‘APPEARENCE AND THEMES’> click on ‘MOUSE POINTERS’ (it’s on left side of the window, under the heading “See Also”)

this brings up the “Mouse Pointers” dialog box. Now, to change individual cursors:

click on the ‘POINTERS’ tab> under “Scheme”, there’s a drop-down menu- be sure that “NONE” is selected (it’s the very first choice, & should already be selected by default)> now, in the selection box, under the heading “Customize”, you see the individual cursors within a cursor scheme (pointer, busy, resize, etc.) To change each one just click on it so that it is highlighted. For instance, start with “Normal Select” (which should already be highlighted). You can see it in the preview box> now, after you have highlighted the cursor you wish to change, at the bottom, click the ‘BROWSE’ button> now navigate to where you have the new cursors saved (desktop, my documents, etc)> *once you get to the cursors, select the cursor (double-click) that you want to replace the default “Normal Select”> back to the dialog box- you should now see that cursor you just selected in the preview box> REPEAT for each individual cursor>

when you are finished you can save this cursor scheme by: click the “SAVE AS” button> name it> click “OK”> then click “OK” to exit using your new scheme

you can always switch back to the default cursor scheme (or to the other windows cursor schemes) by going back to the mouse pointers dialog box. Got all that? =^..^=

Comment by beu on 2008-02-05 22:32:40

You are awesome! Thanks for the instructions!

Comment by LaBella on 2007-03-25 04:54:30

oops- ok the above directions are for Windows XP,.. although i have a feelihg the directions are similar for other Windows systems.

Comment by Twyleiht on 2008-04-22 01:47:18

Okay, so who REALLY made these? These cursors are in almost every Google result >.>

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