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Alluvium Magnite Windowblind

author alang
author September 16th, 2007

Alluvium Magnite Metal for Windowblinds. Original theme by Brian Zeitler
The Windows GUIKit includes:

Windowblind with per pixel borders and shadows
Styler toolbar original ported by Sky but updated by me
Firefox 2 theme
Miranda iChat Skin

Developer : iiswiis Filesize : 1.3MB

Downloaded a total of 578 times


Vitae GUI

author alang
author June 10th, 2007

Pack Contains:
Windowblind for XP and Vista - By Me- with LEFT and RIGHT sided glyphs, for a change, and will be the same from now on on my ports
Styler - By Me
iChat for Miranda - By Me
4 Wallpapers - By Improvpastence
106 Icons - By Improvpastence (Converted to windows icons and PNG’s by me)
Many Thanks to […]



author alang
author August 5th, 2006

The Pack contains the following:
WB5 Skin - (By Me) Includes Normal/Finder/Safari for Default and Onyx Styles. I will eventually update this
with the Pearl style later on.
For the best outcome use Per Applications. Use the finder as the
default skin and set Safari to the firefox.exe. The normal style is for anything left over such
as Applications.
iTunes - […]


Muku 1.0 for Windowblinds

author alang
author June 13th, 2006

This theme work with both version 4.XX and version 5. It has been tested.
Pack Contains
WB Ported by me
Styler Toolbar by duyvan82
Pack Contains 3 styles, Normal, Safari, Finder. Safari looks best when applied with Firefox, Opera, Or IE. Finder
looks best when applied on the explorer.exe, this is obtainable through Per Application.
Special thanks to DSKY for his […]


Shinobi GUI

author alang
author May 13th, 2006

Original theme for OSX by Takashi Izawa [link] and [email protected] [link]
Ported to Windowblinds with permission by duyvan82
The package contains:
- Windowblinds themes (dark and white)
- Styler toobar
- iTunes skins (dark and white)
- Takashi Izawa for making the original theme and allowing me to port it
- [email protected] for making white variant and permission
- Astyanax for help with […]


Samui2.0 Blue For WindowBlinds 5

author alang
author May 11th, 2006

This theme only work on wb5, isn’t using 4.xx…
Original theme for OSX by Brian Zeitler, ported to Windowblinds with permission
- Windowblinds skin with 3 variants (samui blue, finder and safari) with per pixel frame and built in shadow(two style).
-Styler toolbar by Kavin Amuthan, thank you Kavin!!!
-Samui2.0 Blue for Looca 1.70-1.99skin
-Using font: HandelGotD and HandelGotDLig
Special thanks […]


Niqu Gmetal Guikit

author alang
author April 30th, 2006

Gmetal is a mod of Niqu theme .
Niqu for OSX is by Rick Patrick.
Gmetal mod for OSX by DigitalJames
Ported to windows by Kavin.
Contents :
Gmetal VS
Objectbar Skin
Styler toolbar
Firefox skin
iTunes skin
VLC skin
Miranda Adium Skin
ShellWM skin
Vanim skins
Thanks to Rick Patrick for the permissions and Resources.
Thanks to Digital James for the permissions.
Thanks to ~Crni-OB for allowing me to use […]


Samui 2.0 Guikit for Windows

author alang
author April 24th, 2006

Samui 2.0 Windows Port .
Samui 2.0 is a professional Mac OSX theme , originally made by Brian Zeitler for OSX.
Ported to Windows by Kavin Amuthan.
2. Contents
Samui 2.0 Visual Style (10 substyles)
Firefox 1.5+ skin ( 3 skins , with fission support)
iTunes skin ( Blue , Graphite , Desat blue)
Trillian iChat skin
Objectbar ( 3 subskins = Blue […]

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