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Alluvium Magnite For Firefox 2

author alang
author June 10th, 2007

Alluvium Magnite for Firefox 2
Original theme by Brian Zeitler
This is an updated version of my Firefox 1.5 port. You need Tab Mix Plus and Compact Menu to get the theme to look like the screenshot above.
A big thank you to Bz and Sky.
Developer : iiswiis
Filesize : 701KB

Downloaded a total of 1312 times


Vitae for Firefox 2

author alang
author June 10th, 2007

The Original Mac Theme by ImprovPastence
WindowBlind, Miranda iChat, Styler Toolbar, Windows Icons ported by Mrrste
Firefox 2.0 theme ported by me.
Thanks to Mrrste for providing me the necessary resources to port this theme.
Please Note: I use Tab Mix Plus so this theme is used designed around that Firefox Addon plugin. To download the Addon […]


Acua GuiKit Addon

author alang
author October 6th, 2006

This Pack includes two Acua Firefox 1.5+ themes, the Acua ShellWM theme, and the AcuaAmp Winamp modern skin
Thanks for using my Acua Firefox 1.5 and Acua ShellWM skins.
A big thankyou to the Aquasoft community.
Thanks to Susumu, Zorda75, zerroeffect, and Kevin for allowing me to use their resources and granting me the permission to release these […]


Ethanite iChat for Miranda IM

author alang
author October 6th, 2006

Ethanite iChat skin for Miranda IM:
Special Thanks to:
- Brian Zeitler ([link]) for permission on using his original Ethanite Theme for Mac OSX
- Boga ([link]) for permission in using his iChat template.
- Febernovo ([link]) for help on the buttons and testing.
- Blaze ([link]) for testing.
*Installation & Credits in Readme*
Developer : drudragon
Filesize : 447KB

Downloaded a total of […]


Alluvium Magnite for Firefox

author alang
author September 26th, 2006

Here’s my port of Alluvium Magnite for Firefox 1.5.
Many of the elements of this theme are from Brian Zeitler’s original Mac GuiKit ([link]) and the original Firefox port by Sky ([link]).
Permission to port this theme was granted by Brian Zeitler and Sky which is included with the read me file.
Developer : iiswiis
Version : 1.5
Filesize : […]


Amora Modified for iTunes 6

author alang
author September 3rd, 2006

This is a modified version of my iTunes skin for Astyanax’s WB port of Amora
I wanted to make the itunes blend more with the rest of the theme, as a personal modification, however, everyone loved it, so I decided to make it available to everyone
Supports all current versions of iTunes 6, will continue to update […]

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