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Panther Icons

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Panther Icons

Recently I had the privilege of installing Panther and some apps on a G4 at work, so naturally after fiddling a while with it I wanted to take some of it with me, so I used a script to extract all icns resources, converted them to ico and removed color depths so as to only retain the highest one. The result is a massive 11.8 MB RAR containing upwards of 1400 icons (although a lot appeared many times in the system meaining they are repeated).

Developer : GillBates

Download [11.83MB]


Comment by Josh on 2006-08-17 21:28:57

How do i install the icons?

Comment by Lewis on 2008-04-26 11:53:07

If you want to install these icons, you will need to get STYLE XP!!!!!!!

Comment by a Dude on 2008-05-01 00:45:55

Um… I got it.. now what?

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Comment by asdf on 2006-09-04 12:14:32

Josh, once downloaded click on any folder and keep going through until you get to the files, just drag them into the macbar and they will appear.

Comment by Alex on 2006-09-11 20:42:15

Can I install these icons on Windows?
how can I do it?

Comment by Mr.Q on 2007-08-22 03:45:14

dear friend all this icon can be install to windows by using the objectdock. if you can to install all the icon to your system icon you my need software like icon packeger @ your can try use the icon tweaker..this software you can download on


Comment by Joe on 2006-09-16 06:08:41


Comment by Vincent on 2006-09-16 06:09:30

yes they can go on a windows

Comment by mung on 2006-09-28 05:47:05

i downloaded the file. but all i got were 4 files which were named the following…
how do i get all the icons, and what is .rar

Comment by raul on 2008-06-25 09:10:38


Why are you trying to customize your pc if you dont even know how to open a rar file.

oh lord…

Comment by Charlie IV on 2006-09-28 21:13:57

Its a WinRAR file

Comment by Brian D on 2006-10-03 17:24:08

How can I install this icons on my pc??

Comment by BRM on 2006-10-04 02:15:29
Comment by barrio on 2006-10-10 08:49:32

just download flyakite its every thing will be there icons etc

Comment by woo woo on 2007-09-08 11:51:46

flyakite fucks your system files and if you use it on vista it deletes the default theme. ur better off doing it this way. plus flyakite doesnt change all the icons.

i had trouble with the panther icons too tho…i think u just drag them into the mac bar (objectbox)

Comment by Arturo on 2007-11-22 05:12:47

How do you uninstall Flykalite?

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Comment by sultan on 2008-06-14 15:27:15

go to control panel , then go to add remove programs depending on your view ( it has to be category view) scroll down to check flyaKite then click change/remove button then your done…

Comment by arch on 2006-10-11 23:17:38

i use windows xp home sp2…just downloaded the zippd folder from here and unpacked it..also used winrar to unzip those 4 winrar files…now the prob. starts…i use style xp..and to use icons in style xp u need to either save them “in” style xp as an icon set or you need import iconsets and the only extensions style xp uses are…”*.iconset,*.iptheme,*.bit and *.eit now unfortunately..the icons haven’t been saevd in these extensions…or maybee i just fail to see any oher alternative apart from using style xp..can someone plz help me out.

Comment by John Watts on 2006-10-18 22:02:38

How do I make the icons big on XP? I’ve tried everything that I can think of, but no luck.

Comment by Gus on 2006-10-22 06:02:30

Do your homework people! =p

Comment by almared on 2006-11-01 19:44:37

thanks for the icons

Comment by Yumechan310 on 2006-11-02 03:27:36

I used the icons but it had the background extra “blank” spaces…

Comment by loki on 2006-11-02 09:57:06

how the the hell do u work this thing after extracting it. and why the hell r there no instructions.

Comment by bubs on 2006-11-10 16:36:40

why the hell r you expecting there to be instructions?

Comment by bob on 2006-12-04 07:19:58

do i just drag them to my desktop and create a target that it will lead to? where do i find the mac folder? thanks for any help.

Comment by bob on 2006-12-04 07:48:59

i did what i said but its kind of fuzzy, scratch that, really fuzzy. how do i make it more clear like a real mac?

Comment by nicolas on 2006-12-16 09:44:34

windows xp won’t look like a mac using these icons. won’t ever.

windows itself is not able to show icons the same way a mac does. however you have another choice to look like a mac, it’s using any linux distro with gnome. it’ll be harder than installing these icons in windows, yeah. but it will look like this:

or even better:

i made my own mac using ubuntu, with expose, ipod sync, palm sync, spotlight…


Comment by Jarret on 2007-01-02 08:18:46

Here’s a solution:

Buy a Mac. I swear it comes with all of this stuff already on it.

Comment by James on 2007-01-21 11:56:32

uhm… HOW THE HECK DO I INSTALL THIS ON WINDOWS?????????????????????????????????

Comment by Jan on 2007-02-01 16:41:44

Hi there! if the files contained in the RAR files are ICO files, and you would like it to install it Windows, i suggest you try using IconTweaker or any icon utility to install these icons. Hope this helps.

Comment by Tyler on 2007-02-10 23:02:53

hi the best thing to do is either install fedora 6 or ubuntu 6.06 lts and go from there it will act exactly like a mac if done right

Comment by Gorge W. Bush on 2007-02-11 04:46:11

Get a Warez version of Mac OS X Tiger for intel and install it…

Comment by byrddtrader on 2007-02-11 05:46:22

Right click on the icon you want to modify, then go to properties. There is a button for “Change Icons” from here just select the location of the icon you like. This requires you to change each icon by hand. It is slow but it works.

Comment by Johnny "Fuck" Loser on 2007-02-11 11:07:47


Comment by fuck! on 2007-02-14 23:32:41

how the fuck u instal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Andre on 2007-02-16 09:51:25

I used ICON TWEAKER to install all the icons on my Windows XP System.
Works fine, thanks

Comment by Ganesh J on 2007-02-21 22:15:43

Hey these are not PNGs! there are .ico files. Can someone tell me where I can get PNGs? Cuz PNGs look more crisp on my object dock.

Comment by Anon on 2007-02-22 07:54:03


Note: Flyakite osx changes everything on a pc o make it look like a mac if you just want the icons
only check that box in installer.

Comment by Ben on 2007-03-02 09:04:57

How do I DL, call me a noob but I do not see a link to download.

Comment by fhdh on 2007-03-07 12:37:13

is the download free

Comment by Icee* on 2007-03-08 04:53:35

is there a way to install all tyhis icons at the same time whituot replacing 1by1 ?

Comment by Peterdude on 2007-03-10 22:44:33

when ever i click on them it says “choose which file you want to open”

Comment by henktobias on 2007-03-18 04:18:46

i have a good looking xp it is just looking like mac i cracked the uxtheme.dll with skinny 2.0 after that i installed the theme and got a good looking xp:P

Comment by Kerta on 2007-03-18 21:33:04

Seriously! Why would a non-tech want to go through the trouble of getting this to work? C’mon this is more of a tech in-joke than anything. This is targeted towards people who know how to use a computer, not people forced into using it by a job!

Comment by CJ on 2007-03-23 16:01:22

Geeze, ya try and do something nice for people…
You can’t really “install” a set of icons without a program like windowsblinds or some way of turning them into a .dll file. Usually you just right click the folder and go to change icon. Look up the new icon you want and click ok.
Be nice children, and thank the guy who took his time to acquire all these .ico’s.
And yes, .ico files and .png files are two completely different things.

Comment by Simon on 2007-03-25 11:56:59

Sry but this blows… You cant just publish 4 folders with alot of icons in them, you need to have some sort of theme file, so you can put them together in a program like IconPackager.. or at least some instructions!


Comment by dr mario on 2007-04-03 22:07:02

im a plumber
im a superhero
im a doctor
i am DR MARIO!!!!!

Comment by Sean on 2007-04-07 02:23:57

” Hi I hope this solves everyone’s problems if you install the pack of FlyakiteOSX of this site now for me it has been realy haardto find this because every were I went to go and get it it was corrupt so this is a clean file I clean up using some software as far as I no that this pack is the only recent update of the mac look alike so when you install it is simple and easy so if your computer conks up it will make a restore pointfor you to restore it back to the main time you had intalled it its very simple to install just follow the next buttons DONT change settings on the mac trans pack because the windows system 32 will fail if you have a widescreen select wide screen if you have a laptop or small screen computer dont select that wide screen option so let it all install then restart when you restart you will still see the windows boot untill you restart agin then it comfirms as a apple osx boot another thing you could make your computer look more mac its to get sphere xp or use yahoo widgets and stuff i love mac and windows but i think windows is to office like Im 17 years old so i liketo design games and movie effects

Try it out its good people thanks for reading it


Comment by pat on 2008-01-07 10:04:08

flyakiteosx crashed my computer….

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Comment by John on 2007-04-17 06:52:08

Good idea Jarret!
Macs are very great…. ALL the icons are already in 3D and high quality, and the os is very easy to use…… In summary… BUY A MACINTOSH…. they all work just like iTunes.


[...] Icons (The pretty little pictures on your desktop that point you somewhere. There are millions out there, but try the link provided for over a 1,000 lifted from Mac OS X 10.3 aka Panther) [...]

Comment by Sirox on 2007-05-05 16:50:48

Sorry guys… I’m not half-wit and I do know one end of a mouse from the other but I don’t know why the icons are so blurry when I apply them. For instance… I’m trying to make my Windows XP like a mac but I can’t for the life of me find a half-decent trashcan icon!!!! so please explain where I could get one… or publish a link??? :D thankyou

Comment by m on 2007-05-13 12:25:50

i can’t dl

Comment by Lenny on 2007-05-25 15:50:34


Comment by Lill_Mike on 2007-05-25 22:15:47

Nice set, like a lot =)

Great work!

/Peace Out

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Comment by Antscape on 2007-06-12 13:50:44

so many noobs, if you are asking for how to install, they are icons, you use them for shortcuts, or file icons. set them as one, if you don’t know how then why even bother trying to make it look like a mac, its gonna look like windows 3.1 coz u r a noob

Comment by Rozen on 2007-07-04 14:24:38

hey don’t buy mac… its expensive very expesive, but you can try Linux, it’s free, it works VERY good and it looks so cool

Comment by Wally on 2007-07-11 00:27:16

Dude thanks man, this is awesome

Comment by Grebzta on 2007-07-11 10:07:42

Thanks for the hookup! Got my pc lookin maclicious :P

Comment by Emran Khan on 2007-07-21 17:31:31

get a tuneup utilities.

Comment by Slim Shaddy on 2007-07-24 22:46:19

thx for the ICON PACK

Comment by deena on 2007-07-25 23:27:25

Thanks, all these mac emulation downloads of yours rock. My OS is so sleek now.

Anyways, kids, you don’t even need to be tech to be able to change icons on a computer. C’mon, it’s not rocket science.

Comment by Fed up with smart asses on 2007-08-07 02:05:04

I love how some will bitch or call people nOObs or tell people to fuck off and get a clue or to do their homework when they ask a question like “what do I do?” or other general tech question.
Maybe instead of being a little dick head you should spend your energy answering the question you evidently know so much about instead of trying to berate them and making yourself feel smart because you know something someone else doesn’t.

First of all, you pricks who come back with mouthy comments like that need to remember one thing, you’re ass wasn’t born with the knowledge. You run your mouth like you’re all wise and shit and you don’t have a fucking clue either. You most likely got your information from a friend you seen do it and had him tell you how, or you spent hours upon hours sitting on your fat ass scouring through the root systems of the computer your Mommy and Daddy bought you looking at stuff and probably fucking up half of it before having to format your HDD and reinstalling windows 50 times.

You would have saved a hell of a lot of time and aggravation if you had just NOT been a jackass and given the explanation in the beginning.

Now wise up you fuckers and remember everyone has a starting point of learning and they shouldn’t have to deal with fuck heads in order to be educated.

Comment by Ale on 2007-08-08 10:58:37
Comment by Aaron on 2007-08-09 22:19:26


Note: Flyakite osx changes everything on a pc o make it look like a mac if you just want the icons
only check that box in installer.”unquote.

note-of-my-own:peoples, these work with perfect clarity on rocket dock. :)

Comment by skyline on 2007-09-15 14:47:23

Hey nice iconz. i can instal theze iconz with IconTweaker.
can i get da png filez?

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Comment by RJ on 2007-10-26 06:46:33

Guys… If you really want to have a mac like look… download RocketDock, auto hide your taskbar and put the icons you use most, in the RocketDock… creates a brilliant appearance. If that’s not enough, grab a mac wallpaper.

As far as these icons are concerned, don’t bother… the icons have a very poor resolution and won’t look good if used… especially on vista which supports “very large icons” (as they call it)


[...] w Twoim docku. Hmm… Możemy to zmienić w bardzo prosty sposób. Ściągnij paczkę ikon z tego źródła. Podczas ściągania warto dodać swoje ulubione programy do docka. Wystarczy znaleźć [...]

Comment by Gumbi on 2008-01-17 21:36:38

Guys, if you want a Mac, just go out, sell your kidney and buy one! It comes with all this stuff already! And then next year, sell your other kidney for the newer version of the OS which will come with OTHER stuff you wish you had. Or you can just dumb yourself down and buy a PC, go to websites, bitch and moan endlessly about how you cant get things to work. Actually, MAC users can do that too. I’m outta kidneys, but I’d steal someone elses and sell it just to be able to SMACK the ungrateful twobs who download this and then cry WHY ARE THERE NO INSTUCTIONS??? Theres no instructions because my dog ate it. My internet dog. He’s uncontrollable. I think cos I didnt buy him, i downloaded him illegally and cracked him, so he’s a crack addict. I’m thinking of sueing the software manufacturers for making the excellent Dog V1.0 software and then pricing it so high that i couldnt afford it and had to crack it illegally which in turn caused it to eat the instructions. I’ll make them pay, muahahah.

Moving on, if you want to be able to use these icons on Windows, download to the new PC your mommy bought you for Christmas, then open the file. Stare at it stupidly for 10 to 15 minutes. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT at ANY time open google and try and search for answers yourself. Instead, open this page in your web-browser, complain bitterly about the lack of instructions, wail and gnash your teeth with feeling, and then pretend you are 12 years old and swear everyone for not writing instructions to cater for the exact degree of moron that you are. Insult everyone, even those trying to help, and then insult the person who took time out of his day to make something available for you, for FREE. The bastard. Then sit back and wait for another 10 to 15 minutes while everyone sees you for the immature retard that you are, and politely ignores you. Repeat as much as needed. When you feel you are done, again, dont boot up google, switch off the PC at the mains, pack it into the original manufacturers box and get mommy to take you back to the PC shop with it. When the sales guy asks whats wrong with it, be sure to tell him the exact technical fault, which is: “I’M TOO BLOODY STUPID TO OWN MY OWN PC!!! DO YOU HAVE A NICE GOLFISH INSTEAD???”.

Thank you, and GOODNIGHT!

Comment by Hi on 2008-01-29 09:05:33

Does anyone know how to find icons in this package easier… Over 1,000 icons = hard to find the few I need… Which one is the harddrive icon?

Comment by Free Computer on 2008-03-21 00:17:36

After scrolling down the near endless list of 3 parts bullshit and 1 part help, i find that there is no answer except one - do it by hand.
The last part of that sentence is aimed at those fuckheads who have just bought their first razor and asked daddy how to use it. Sadly, we know they used on their relatively hair free balls cos’ that’s what the internet says you do.
Noobs, ‘tards, clowns or pre-pubescent little fuckwads worrying if the missing E45 cream in the bathroom will be noticed by mommy; sort yourselves out and give yourself a dry slap.
Find out how to do it by hand.
Comment by byrddtrader on 2007-02-11 05:46:22

Right click on the icon you want to modify, then go to properties. There is a button for “Change Icons” from here just select the location of the icon you like. This requires you to change each icon by hand. It is slow but it works.

Don’t ask your mates - do it your fucking self or sell your computer and carry on going to girl guides.

Comment by mark on 2008-04-22 22:39:34

will this work on psp?pls reply!!

Comment by Gryet on 2008-06-19 15:19:49

LOL, Its so fun reading the comments here. OMG so many … sorry to say so … lame and stupid questions. How can anyone NOT know how an icon is used in Windows? How can anyone expect a manual in a set of icons, telling how to use them? How can people keep asking how to uninstall a program on the computer? And last - WTF is wrong with Hi on 2008-01-29 09:05:33 asking, which icon os the harddrive icon?

Anyway, thanks for the icons.

Good luck with even more weird and brainless comments.

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