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NeXplorer 1.9 Mac OS 10.3 Theme

author alang

NeXplorer 1.9 Mac OS 10.3 Theme

The best NeXplorer theme have come to even better and with full compatibly with new NeXplorer 1.9

What new:
- Without Installer
- Themes optimize to new NeXplorer 1.9
- 1 New Icon (Computer)
- Redesigned all Label (Again)
- Redesign Default Blue label
- Redesign Highlight
- Redesigned all Arrows
- Redesigned all Size Balks (or what is that blue horizontal and vertical balk?)
- Redesigned all Eject Button
- Redesigned Drive icon (with 16,32,48,64,72,96,128 size)
- Redesigned Folder icon (with 16,32,48,64,72,96,128 size)

Theme include:
- 2 Mac OS X Panther Skin (Blue and Graphite)
- 1:1 Real Mac OS X shadow
- Different Caption Font and Statusbar Font than default (better adjustment in caption text)
- Mac OS X Systems button what behaviour like real Finder
- Hidden Up button (Real Mac OS X Finder not include that button)
- Mac OS X Icon folder: Most used sidebar shortcut icons (in PNG format)
- Redesigned rightarrow
- Redesigned Highlight
- Redesinged Folder icon
Ini system file:
- Include real Icon Spacing from Mac OS X
- Include real Default Size (Width and Height) from Mac OS X
- Include real Default Shortcut from Mac OS X
Mac OS X Labels:
- 7 different high quality Label

Developer : am_tiainen
Filesize : 1.2MB
Requirements: NeXplorer

Download NeXplorer 1.9 Mac OS 10.3 Theme

Downloaded a total of 4748 times


Comment by Tony on 2006-09-29 20:59:20

This download link is not working. I would “really” love to have this theme. Is there another link where I can obtain this?
Thank you very much.

Comment by Alezander on 2006-10-16 12:51:08

“The requested URL /website/desktop/NeXplorer/ was not found on this server.”
I receive this text every time when click on a big red “DOWNLOAD” button =\
It seems that there is no places over the whole Internet where someone can get this skin. The link from Aqua-Soft forum is absolutely the same…
Sorry for my English

Comment by alang on 2006-10-16 15:20:42

I fixed the download link. You would be able to download the file now.

Comment by Matt V on 2006-10-29 00:53:02

It seems that the link to your work is no longer working again.
Pity, for it seems to be a great addition to NeXplorer, and I would really like to try it.

Comment by Jimbo on 2006-11-13 21:26:42

the link isn’T working (any more?)

Comment by Roly! on 2006-11-28 14:07:57

The link don’t lead to a download, just a news page.

Comment by ANJU on 2006-11-30 20:28:05
Comment by Mr Blue on 2007-01-07 04:52:19

Tried to run this with fly-a-kite and it froze up when I selected column view.

Did not use the icons that were installed with Fly-a-kite theme. Included icons were small, and icon spacing was weird.

Comment by Donald Ganley on 2007-01-15 16:50:29

I love this but wish it were a little faster. Any way to beef up the memory? Thanks

Comment by neon.dead on 2008-04-23 19:43:31

yes i agree in my low spec machine it’s a crawl but still credits for your effort

Comment by jj on 2007-02-27 11:48:41

when i open the file all i get is a blank window

Comment by jj on 2007-02-27 12:29:02

Hey i fixed it but i want to make it look like in real mac with applications especially like i can’t change the icons how can i?

Comment by A on 2007-06-16 15:40:41

How did u fix it?

Comment by Hugo Poon on 2007-07-04 22:26:15

When I open it, all I get is this blank white & borderless screen…what’s up with this?


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