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Finger XP

author alang

Finger XP is some sort of Finder clone. It’s not an add-on for Explorer, but a file browser on it’s own.

It’s missing lots of features yet, such as:
Drag and drop.
Create new folder.
Cut, copy and paste files.
Rename files/folders.
Delete file/folders.
Quicklook is not like that with folders and non-picture/pdf/document/video files.
Quicklook-clone should allow to play videos, etc…
Indeed quicklook should be a separate app (hey that’s a good idea!)
CoverFlow-like view should be hardware accelerated (OpenGL + P-Buffers?)
res/coverflowLoading.png should be inside Test1.exe file
Test1.exe should be FingerXP.exe instead.
Finger XP should use same process with separate threads, to open different windows (for less resource consumption).

Download [302KB]


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