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XWindows Dock

author alang

Support languages (”Languages\*.xml”)
Support skins (”Tools\XSkinMaker.exe and Config.txt”) also you can get images from “Skins\Current\*.png”
Start with windows
Can edit file’s types for sort them, such as: Video, Audio, Picture, Text
Transparency of icon’s reflection 0..100%
Icon’s size 32..100 pixels
Icon’s size when mouse is over 32..100 pixels
Maximum icons in stack 8..18
Space between reflection and icon -5..5
Transparency of panel 0..100%
Panel will hide in 0..3600 seconds
Space between panel and screen 0..100 pixels
Show indicators of applications in system
Hide stack when it’s deactivated
Minimize windows into the dock. It supports 2 effects: Default and Genie. Also you can change speed for minimize them
Reaction to change directory. So when directory’ll be changed dock’s item jump or not. You can set options, such as: Added, Removed, Modified, Renamed
Option to change position of dock. Above all windows or not
Change icon’s size of stack’s grid ( 70-150 pixels )
Option to show item’s shadow
Option to change position of dock on top when mouse is over

File. Select some file(s) in dialog from you PC and then it’ll be added into the dock.
Directory. It sames File.
Separator. It’s a break among dock’s items.
Stack. You can create private stack or publish. In private you can add everything what you want. Publish stack, you can’t change, because it joins Explorer direcotry.
Can add speacially directories, such as: My computer, Control panel and Trash. You can work at trash as when you work at original one.
If you have docklets created for this dock, you can add them too.
Add into stack. This option looks like the Add.
Edit. You can change item’s icon, caption, command line, work directory, parameters.
Delete. This is a simple option.
Sort. You can select method for sort stack’s items. Name, Date (Changed, Created, Accessed) and Kind. It sorts by kind using option “File Types”, where you wrote your file types extensions.
View. It shows how you would like to view stack. When you select Auto, the dock select Fan or Grid alone.
Stack’s icon. It’s a very interesting option. Here you can set some icon which will be showed over the stacks, onto the dock. You can see some icons in “Skins\Box\*.png”
Drag & Drop into the dock and out.
Move items among them.
Preview of item which is moving over the dock
Support hover item for stack’s grid
About. This option shows about developers and people who helped with this dock.

Download version 4.8


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