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Rocket Dock

author alang

Rocket Dock

RocketDock is a smoothly animated, alpha blended application launcher. It provides a nice clean interface to drop shortcuts on for easy access and organization. With each item completely customizable there is no end to what you can add and launch from the dock.

Now with added Taskbar support your minimized windows can appear as icons on the dock. This allows for better productivity and accessibility.

* Minimize windows to the dock
* Real-time window previews in Vista
* Running application indicators
* Simple drag-n-drop interface
* Multi-monitor support
* Supports alpha-blended PNG and ICO icons
* Icons zoom and transition smoothly
* Auto-hide and Popup on mouse over
* Positioning and layering options
* Fully customizable
* Completely Portable
* ObjectDock Docklet support
* Compatible with MobyDock, ObjectDock, RK Launcher, and Y’z Dock skins
* Runs great on slower computers
* Unicode compliant
* Supports many languages and can easily be translated
* A friendly user base :)
* And best of all… its FREE!!!

Whats New in 1.3.4
- Fixed string allocation issues that were causing Runtime Errors on Vista with certain badware scanners.
- Fixed a couple of string buffer memory leaks.

Developer : Punk! Software
Version : 1.3.4
Filesize : 6.20MB



Comment by Equan on 2006-09-10 18:01:52

I have only one comment RK Launcher is far superior and thats a shame considering it hasn’t had any new development since 2005

Comment by Johanes Soetanto on 2006-10-14 21:40:18

it’s pretty good, but as the previous comment said i agree that RK Launcher is better

Comment by ngo van phuong on 2006-12-08 11:17:44

chao cac ban

Comment by Linwe on 2007-01-31 00:30:43


Don’t think this dock is a lot inferior that RK launcher… it has some advantages over RK.

-KK Menu compatibility
-Ubericon compatibility [iZoom effect on Dock icons]

…even when it also has some bugs:

-No running apps indicator
-No SysStats compatibility…

Coming soon… wait for my Dock emulation review on the forum section.


Comment by nanti on 2007-03-08 08:07:21

What is a kk menu?

Comment by Nounours on 2007-04-01 20:17:22

I can’t agree with you all, Rocketdock is BY A LONG LONG CHALK the best dock for XP (and Vista !)

-It is actively developed
-All problems and questions are answered light speed fast by a continuously growing community and the two nicest developers you may find on the http://WWW.
-Its animations are much smoother than RKlauncher’s.
-It is extremely stable (in fact the only time I crashed it was using an old version of kkmenu docklet, and it was the docklet’s fault)
-It is quite low on ressource (about 10 MB with 17 items in it)
- It is now possible to minimize windows to dock and there are now running apps indicators on the dock.

WHAT MORE do you want ?

PS: I have nothing against RK launcher. Personally I don’t like it for one particular reason ( the rendering engine isn’t as smooth as Rocket dock’s (the icons which are at the end of the zoom bubble jump just when they ‘re about to return to normal state.) apart from that it’s ok and I quite like it.

anyhow it’s a good thing they behave differently, it suits everybody’s needs!

Comment by AKA on 2007-04-03 04:30:01

I agree with Nounours; for those of you who keep commenting that RD is “inferior”, did you even try the application? It seems that if you actually went and explored the features of RocketDock (the newest version, I mean), then you’d know that many of the “bugs” that were in the previous versions have been taken care of. I used to be a pretty loyal RK Launcher user myself, but I’ve since switched to RocketDock for the features that Nounours outlined.

To enable running application indicators, simply go to the Dock Settings > General, and you’ll see a checklist starting with “Run at Startup…” Just make a tick mark near “Running Application Indicators” and “Open Running Application Instance” and you have your indicators.

Comment by magnus on 2007-04-03 05:03:54

Its the best Dock for windows ^O^

Comment by bishop on 2007-04-03 14:27:33

I think that ObjectDock is much etter than RocketDock and RKlauncher. No bugs, extremally smooth animation and it really feels like the original mac os x dock.

Comment by Chris on 2007-04-04 21:14:24

anyone know where to get working docklets for rocket dock, besides the six on the rocketdock site..

Comment by nguyenthinhtuong on 2007-04-22 16:45:44

hi i’am in vietnam

Comment by pisoga on 2007-05-05 17:20:52


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Comment by Ojalord on 2007-09-07 22:04:14

I personally like the speed of RD over Rk.

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