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Date : May 29, 2006

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ObjectDock Tray

This docklet for ObjectDock shows the icons from the Windows system tray (information area) in a docklet icon. The icons in the docklet have the same functionality like the icons in the windows system tray. It even works if the Windows Taskbar is hidden.

New in this version:
Now you have more influence to cutomize every icon. Simply go to configuration dialog and replace the icons your want to replace. Don’t foget to look whether they are listed twice (see known problems). You can find a list containing the actual known icons with their numbers below.
Another way to replace icons is to close ObjectDock (!), browse to %docklets path%\tray\xptheme\ and replace the png files containing the images you want to replace. To restore a default icon simply delete the file.

extract the archive into:
click with your right button on a seperator and select
“Add\ObjectDock Tray”

If you want to configure ObjectDock Tray or reload the icons from systray, press your left mouse button on the docklet for 2 secounds or click in an area without icon (border or space on the bottom).

Known problem
# Some icons in the configuration dialog are listed twice with diferent numbers. So if you want to customize an icon you probably have to change two before you will see the result eg. the volume icon is listed with the numbers 582832a and 9dcf7e47. For more numbers have a look at the list below.
# If the Trayicons don’t appear immediately don’t be surprised, it may take a few secounds until the Docklet have load the icons.
# Sometimes a contextmenu does not close if you click outside it without selecting an menuitem. You may have to click on a separator or on the small border of the menu and then click elsewhere to close it.
# With ObjectDock Plus the docklet label doesn’t change on mouseover.


Thanks to David H. Walton, DiGiMac, Paul Dubé and Balthasar Moos for testing 2.00 beta.

Developer : nimix
Version : 2.0
Filesize : 222Kb
Download ID : 344

this works perfectly..its breeze to install…but after a lil while for me it served no pupose…b/c the start bar was still always there

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