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New Release of XWindows Dock

author Bentz
author January 22nd, 2009

XWindows Dock has now reached version 5.4, and has the following new features:

Two types: 2D and 3D.
Supports many languages. Not yours? Add it via an XML file!
Skin-able. You can also create your own skins (and even borrow images from other skins)!
Can be started with windows.
Size of icons: 32×32 to 100×100 pixels
Configurable zoom of icons when [...]


XWindows Dock

author alang
author October 26th, 2008

Support languages (”Languages\*.xml”)
Support skins (”Tools\XSkinMaker.exe and Config.txt”) also you can get images from “Skins\Current\*.png”
Start with windows
Can edit file’s types for sort them, such as: Video, Audio, Picture, Text
Transparency of icon’s reflection 0..100%
Icon’s size 32..100 pixels
Icon’s size when mouse is over 32..100 pixels
Maximum icons in stack 8..18
Space between reflection and icon -5..5
Transparency of panel 0..100%
Panel will [...]


Mirror effect for docks

author alang
author August 5th, 2008

What you see is RocketDock (skin Ghostwalker’s Leopard ported to RocketDock) with my mirror behind it
* A dock. I have tested it with Rocket Dock, but it may work with other docks.
* Disable auto-hide in your dock.
* Disable any magnificating/zooming hover effect on [...]



author alang
author May 17th, 2008

If you have ObjectDock or RocketDock, you certainly know the stack docklet from Matonga. Now, if you don’t want any dock and simply use your taskbar, you can have stack view too.
Just get StandaloneStack , create a shortcut with the good parameters and voilà, run it to show the stack.
StandaloneStack use the Matonga stack docklet, [...]


Leopard Rocket Docks

author alang
author March 21st, 2008

Have you ever seen all of the cool ways that Leopard users were modding the dock and how it looked so cool? Awesome even? Well, I have and so I did something about it … ported ‘em to RocketDock! Here are 21 of my favorite docks that I have found on and
That being [...]


Rainbow dock for RK Launcher

author alang
author March 18th, 2008

Rainbow dock skin - hope you like it.
Also includes a Rainbow indicator not shown in the pic.
Author: moorec
Download [98KB]


teledock with willow indicator

author alang
author March 16th, 2008

Original work of the teledock is here
and the original fabulous indicators “willow” is here
Thanks again for the permission.
Download [54KB]


Garden Dock

author alang
author March 12th, 2008

When i first saw this dock i fell in love with it….
tried putting it in water for water like reflection…
OB-indicators in indicators folder please, 3 sizes ; separator drag in dock ,2 of them ; and backgrounds for dock i put in, 3 variations.
RK- love this theme i worked very hard for this, looks very [...]


Niqu 3D for RKLauncher

author alang
author March 11th, 2008

Based on the Niqu 3D dock for OSX Leopard by esXXI

Here it is, Niqu 3D for RKLauncher!
I don’t have any skinning experience with RK, so it’s probably not perfect.
If you have any problems with it, or something looks wrong with the background, let me know and I’ll try to fix it as soon as [...]


Leopard Color for RocketDock

author alang
author March 8th, 2008

Leopard skins with some colour for RocketDock.
Original Leopard skin by SkyJohn.
Author: moorec
Download [813KB]