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Photobooth Clone

author alang
author February 27th, 2009

I found this Flash file a pretty long time ago, and it was a GREAT flash clone of Photobooth. I recently have been using it a lot, and it bugged me that every time I wanted to use this Photobooth clone, I had to open FireFox up, hope it doesnt crash (from my 20 tabs), [...]



author alang
author September 3rd, 2008

MediaMan is the ideal software to manage your media collection. It is not only a powerful tool to keep a digital catalog of all your books, videos, music, and games, but also an interactive jukebox that can enrich your digital entertainment life.
Managing a collection with MediaMan is a lot of fun. Featuring Amazon International importer, [...]


CD Art Display 2.0 Beta 4

author alang
author June 13th, 2008

CD Art Display is a skinnable application that shows the now playing song cover on your desktop. It fully supports AlbumPlayer, Helium Music Manager, iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player 11, foobar2000 and partially supports MediaMonkey, MP3Toys, qmp and musikCube.
The new beta 4 is in fact a major upgrade because it does not only aggragate new [...]


Leopard System Preferences

author alang
author May 22nd, 2008

This application features all of the screens used in the OS X System Preferences application. Selecting the appropriate item, you will access Leopard-Style pages - from where you will be able to configure your windows preferences.
Because of the actual Mac application is designed to configure the system, this emulation does NOT attempt to take over [...]



author alang
author March 28th, 2008

Twitter is the latest sensation in Internet. It gives you the opportunity to be permanently connected to your friends, knowing what they are up to or where are they going.
MadTwitter is a Windows application that lets you read “twits” written by your friends and publish your own. It’s inspired in Twitterrific, a really nice application [...]


DExposE2 Expose Clone

author alang
author March 11th, 2008

Expose clone , For Vista and XP both.
Interactive previews
Live updating in exposed state
Hotkey support
Taskbar,sidebars,docks shown in exposed state
Window Rearrange (press F5) on window closing (press w) all in exposed state only!
And Many More!
Read the README.txt to find out more about all the features and usage instructions.
Check for later updates here:
Deveper: devrexster
Download [568KB]


MySpaces - A spaces clone for windows

author alang
author January 14th, 2008

MySpaces is a spaces clone for windows where it give you multiple desktop like on Mac OS X Leopard. You need at least .NET 2.0 framework to run this application. To install just unzip it to any folder you want.
Right-click on the taskbar-icon, there are some options.
Win+Z shows overview
Developer : schmrom
Version : 0.9 Beta
Download [689KB]


AveDesk 1.4 Vista Compatibility Build

author alang
author January 12th, 2008

This is an update for Avedesk fixed some Vista compatibility problems.
FixedVista problems:
+ fading / setalpha no longer results in a black background
+ Desktop Icon no longer supported
FixedMultimonitor problems:
+ ShowCase offset problems
Fixed Other problems:
+ ATLASSERT() errors in shadow dialogs are gone
+ DX animations now on older hardware also
+ warns when [...]



author alang
author January 10th, 2008

DiscMounter enable you to mount any compact disc / removable media inserted into the computer onto the desktop automatically. More options will be added later on; ie. eject disc when icon is deleted, recognizing USB / Flash drives, etc.
Updatelog:Version 0.3 : October 27, 2007

Again, changed the way it detects insert/eject of CD/DVD drives. This [...]



author alang
author December 31st, 2007

The program is intended for fast launching of programs or starting other objects of operation system WindowsXP. Is available system of skins that allows to give to appication an unique appearance.
-Auto width for menus
-New menu item “context menu” (for file and folder)
-Option “as vista menu” for Run box item (fast searching, check Indexing tab [...]