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Switcher 2.0.0 BETA

author alang

Switcher 2.0.0 BETA

Switcher is a new Expose clones for Windows Vista.

With this Expose clone you can instantly access any open window with a single keystroke. Display all open windows as thumbnails, view windows of the current application or hide all windows to quickly locate a file on your desktop.

- Windows Vista
- Aero enabled

Keyboard shortcuts
- Windows+~ (the key above Tab): Activates Switcher. The key to activate Switcher is customizable.
- Page up/page down/secondary mouse buttons: Changes window views, which define how application
- windows are arranged on the screen.
- Tab/shift+tab/arrow keys/mouse wheel/Windows+~/Windows+shift+~: Cycle between application windows.
- Esc/enter: Selects the current application window and ends the session.

Summary of features and changes:
* New: Windows now have a label, background color, and border. All are customizable. Labels can display the following information:
- Filename of the application.
- Window icon.
- Number shortcut.
- Memory used in megabytes.
- Process name.
- Window title.

* New: The first 9 windows can be activated by pressing the respective number on the keyboard.

* New: Filters can be applied to narrow down the windows that appear. They can also be toggled during a session. Available filters:
- Search by window title (default shortcut Ctrl+F, or simply type to automatically display the search box). You can search using regular expressions (an obscure feature that I keep forgetting about).
- Exclude minimized windows (default shortcut Ctrl+M).
- Hide a particular window (default shortcut Ctrl+H).
- Show only the windows belonging to a certain program (default shortcut Ctrl+W).
The default shortcut to remove all filters is Ctrl+R.

* New: You can now close windows during a session (default shortcut Alt+F4 or middle-click a window).

* New: Added Grid View, which arranges windows in a grid. It is intended to make the window numbers easier to use.

* New: Mouse shortcuts can now be restricted to a certain monitor instead of applying to all monitors.

* New: Added the “Begin and Select Next” command that begins a session and selects the next window.

* Change: Animations may appear smoother due to using a different method of smoothing stuff.

* Change: The default shortcut for minimizing all windows except the selected one changed from middle-clicking anywhere to right-clicking on a window. Beware: middle-clicking a window will now close it.

* Change: Reorganized settings into tabs.

Developer : Bao Nguyen
Version : 2.0.0 BETA
Filesize : 173KB

Download [173KB]


Comment by N!Ce on 2007-03-19 20:20:40
Comment by Mukund on 2007-04-01 23:54:09

Is there a similar thing for windows XP?

Comment by Ken Zuk on 2007-04-05 20:56:29

This is an awesome app!! However, the description says that it will hide all windows to find something on the desktop (like the osx does), but I do not see this feature. Can you please tell me how to activate this feature??


Comment by Lemmings on 2007-06-21 05:52:48

It’s the best exposť emulation under windows Vista for the moment, even if it lacks of lots of features. But work is in progress and it will be a killer-app ;)
For XP, have a look to the GREAT “TopDesk” from Otaku software, simply the best Exposť clone for Windows, just a shame it doesn’t uses Aero’s power under Vista.

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