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Skylight is a newly developed launcher and automation tool. Sleek yet functional, simple yet powerful, transparent yet universal. Boasting advanced habit learning and matching algorithms, infinite plug-in extensibility and the general smarts equivalent of a rat, it is purpose built to make your computing life easier.

Release Notes
* use Alt-space as key gesture to show Skylight
* plugins included thus far are Windows Shell/File System scanner, and Windows Live Messenger, expect many more soon!
* by default all programs and user home directories are scanned, there is no way to change this in this release
* music, video items are ignored as not to pollute match results, these data types will be enabled in the next release when filter/group support (which is disabled in this release) is fully developed
* some focus issues exist between the skylight window and other desktop windows
* beta release, exceptions allowed to exit

Important download information

Skylight requires the Microsoft .NET 3.0 Framework, it will install automatically as required. Please be patient as this may take some time, especialy on laptops with slower hard drives, we promise it will be worth it!

This Skylight release is Beta software! This means it may not be upto spec with user experiance, performance, and no guarantees can be made as to proper function. Howerver please use it and give us feedback.

Developer : Candy Labs
Filesize : 573KB



Comment by stevo on 2007-07-26 12:01:15

uhh..what do u use this software for…? looks niicee

Comment by Alejandro on 2007-08-10 23:40:48

Hi folks, I just installed Skylight yesterday because it seemed to be a great tool. It loaded and worked fine, maybe a little slow. Everything was OK until I pressed Win+Tab to use Vistaīs Flip3d…

The desktop freezed for a minute and then it just showed the normal Alt+tab Vistaīs switcher!
I tried again many times and later it didnt show anything, just freezed and after one or two minutes returned.

Later I right-clicked my desktop and tried to change my wallpaper but the dialog never appeared.

I restarted my PC a bunch of times and nothing changed.
Everything seems to stopped working since I installed Skylight. So I tried to uninstall, but… surprise! The Control Panel doesnīt even load!

I also checked on the startup menu and there is no option to uninstall skylight so, I request for your help.
I think there is a lot of work for you to come with Skylight.

Please answer soon, I canīt keep things like this anymore!

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