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Shedko sShutdown

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Shedko sShutdown

This application was created to customise Shutdown dialog without editing system files. 
Much of you probably up to horror were bothered with boring icons at shutdowning a computer. 
I even hear as there are objections - in modern styles of Windows that for WindowsBlins same all varies, yes varies, but in this case you are completely adhered to an idea and creativity of the author which given style has created, but much would like to make it independently. 
And here the program which we also is useful represent - sShutDown (Skinned Shutdown). 
It allows to redraw completely the menu of shutdowning of a computer, and also has some features which pleasantly distinguish from standard opportunities Windows. 
Already realized opportunities: 
- Interception at Windows a call of function of shutdown, i.e. in any case and in any program will be show our dialog 
- Support skins (the background of dialog and buttons are drawn by you) 
- An opportunity of application of various effects to a back background 
- use 3d-party applications as replacement of shutdown dialog. 
- absolutely safe to use - no need to pacth system files, application is simply hook displaying of Turn Off dialog.

Developer : Shedko software
Version : 0.9.2
Filesize : 1.13MB



Comment by Shedko on 2007-03-29 19:10:33

And also, I’m was forgive to write:
One of the new feature in 0.9 is a use 3d-party applications as replacement of Turn Off dialog.
At this moment suppored: sShutdown, iShut, ShutX.

Comment by PsYcRoW on 2007-03-30 21:05:51

Um.. I cant get this to work… installs fine… but it doesnt intercept nothing…
is it perhaps not compatible with objectbar?

Comment by Shedko on 2007-03-30 23:16:13

If you was download version 0.9 - name of setup file is “Shedko sShutdown” then this realise may not work on some PC, sorry…

You need download version 0.9.2 that was NOW published on this site.

This application is compatible with any application, because sShutdown make hook to function that was not used by applications. Hooked funktion was used only by “Windows”.

Again sorry.

Comment by Chris on 2007-04-04 20:45:19

I will give it a try ! thanks :)

Comment by Chris on 2007-04-04 20:58:10

Thanks it is WORKING!



Comment by Shedko on 2007-04-05 06:25:32

Also exists themes, do not included in distributive, at this time available 18 additional themes.

You may download this themes from:


[...] Get It Here: Mirror [...]

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