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Photobooth Clone

author alang

I found this Flash file a pretty long time ago, and it was a GREAT flash clone of Photobooth. I recently have been using it a lot, and it bugged me that every time I wanted to use this Photobooth clone, I had to open FireFox up, hope it doesnt crash (from my 20 tabs), and then finally it would work (slowly).

I decided I would implement the flash into an application, and mod a few things on the flash swf file to make it more Photobooth-like. It really isn’t much of an application, or my best coding (in fact, this is only a few lines of actual VB code), but so far it has proven itself worthy.

This application features a Flikr upload, and Facebook Upload for your convenience. You can also chose to just save the file.

PictureBooth flash SWF originally created by Karthik.
Flash and Application integreation by jchaike.

Download [405KB]


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