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I used to have stress with pixelperfect WindowBlinds Skins and iShut, so I decided to create my own skinable MacOS-Shutdown-Clone.

Command line parameters

ChaosShut can be started through command line. The following parameters are possible:

Starts ChaosShut in shutDown-mode. Only the buttons “Cancel” and “Shutdown” are visible.

Starts ChaosShut in restart-mode. Only the buttons “Cancel” and “Restart” are visible.

Starts ChaosShut in standby-mode. Only the buttons “Cancel” and “Sleep” are visible.

If you start ChaosShut without parameters, the standard dialogue with the buttons ‘Restart’, ‘Sleep’, ‘Cancle’ and ‘Shutdown’ will be shown.


ChaosShut is easy to skin. You just have to create a new folder in the subdirectory ‘/skins’. Now you can copy the images from a given skin
and manipulate them as you like it. At the end you must write the name of the new folder into ChaosShut.ini under the key ’skin’. If you want,
you can change the font here, too.

New Features in 1.15

“About ChaosShut” Dialog
Accessable from the new context-menu.
Integrated, english Tiger skin
In case of a lost skin folder…
Windows will be faded in and out now.
Username in messages
If you set %u to a message, the current username will be shown.
Ini-file restructured
The Ini-file is now better structured. Keys are now in new groups. Old Inis doesn’t work anymore.


Hibernate bug fixed
ChaosShut will now be endet, when hibernate-mode is used.
Timer bug fixed
ChaosShut’s timers where only working fine, when they where devideable by 60.
Skin bug fixed
The ugly black frame at the buttons while hovering them is now history. Lets thank YellowRider for the bugfixes at the API-wrapper.
Fixed an one pixel jump in the Cerebro skins logoff-image

Developer : Chaos Interactive
Version : 1.15
Filesize : 272KB



Comment by INpac on 2006-12-07 19:52:37

great to see you guys here .. posting some mac-e apps :)

Comment by d-bug on 2006-12-07 20:53:44

Youre not alone, INpac…
We’ll never let you go! muhahaha

Comment by d-bug on 2006-12-09 18:24:36

Version 1.10

Added Timers, LogOff and Hibernation

Comment by Dar on 2006-12-15 12:49:28

I use two monitors. Is there a way to have the window open somewhere other than the middle of the screen?

Comment by d-bug on 2006-12-15 16:22:13

Not at the moment, I’m sorry for that. I will change this and post a new update.

Comment by d-bug on 2006-12-15 19:07:16

Version 1.11
Added Window-Positioning

Site will be updated soon (I hope ;) )

Comment by Dar on 2006-12-15 20:40:36


Comment by d-bug on 2006-12-22 13:13:18

Version 1.15

New Features:
- About Dialog (accessable by the new context-menu)
- Integrated english Tiger skin
- Windowfading
- Username in messages
- Ini-file restructured

- Hibernate bug fixed
- Timer bug fixed
- Skin bug fixed
- Cerebro Logoff screen fixed

Site will be updated soon…

Comment by Rodrigo on 2006-12-31 08:32:47

Why the download link doesn’t work for me???
Is there any other link or URL where i can try this ChaosShut? I’m waiting for some help! Thanks!

Comment by d-bug on 2006-12-31 09:37:43

Try this one:

It’s the offical site for ChaosShut.


Comment by Rodrigo on 2007-01-10 05:38:37

That’s strange…
The link doesn’t work yet…
I don’t know what’s happening…
I’ve try the big red DOWNLOAD link… and the official site…
Could you please send the software to my e-mail?
I really want to try it! ^____^

[email protected]

Sorry to disturb you…

Comment by Rodrigo on 2007-01-11 07:30:25

Thanks for sending me the ChaosShut!
I really don’t understand why those links don’t work for me…
Your software is really good! ^_____^
Keep up the good work!

Comment by hoang on 2007-01-15 04:17:53
Comment by danny on 2007-01-22 10:06:03

how to make the program run when i shut down?

Comment by d-bug on 2007-01-22 16:08:26

You have to run this program before shut down. ChaosShut will shut down your computer if you click its shut down button.

Comment by Randy on 2007-02-18 03:23:58

is there any way to invoke this ChaosShut down when I do a regular shutdown say from the start menu?



Comment by d-bug on 2007-02-20 04:32:56

I’m sorry, but there is no way to change the shutdown, restart buttons in the start menu. I’m still searching a way to do that… If you find a solution, please let me know. :D

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