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AveDesk 1.3 is the fourth major release of AveDesk, an application which makes desktop prettier and more usable. This release changes emphasis from pretty icons to mini-applications (also known as widgets and desklets).

While previous versions of AveDesk were capable of using desklets as mini-applications (widgets), 1.3 has much better support for non-iconic desklets. AveDesk’s internals has been changed to make desklets much more interactive. For example, user-input will be much easier to deal with.

Everybody loves eye-candy, especially when it’s functional. AveDesk comes with two hardware accelerated effects for flipping and closing a desklet.
DirectX9 and a graphics card capable of using alpha-blended surfaces needed.

Graphics and Default Desklets
For this major new version of AveDesk, some very cool desklets are created to take full advantage of the new features. Including, WordSeacher, Translator, Chalkboard and more.

The graphics for these desklets are designed and created by world-famous Windows skinners, KoL, BZeitler, Unbeliever and LouieMantia.

UI Changes

The biggest change is AveDesk control panel. Instead of a simple text-list, each desklet is now listed with a dynamically updated preview image, making finding the right desklet much easier.

A Theme Browser has been added, by popular demand.

An optional shell-extension to enable previews of .aveinst-, .avetheme- and .avedesklet-files is available also.

Command Line Arguments
A much requested feature that has been added is support for command line arguments. The following arguments can be passed to AveDesk:

* -opensc will open ShowCase
* -closesc will close ShowCase
* -cp will open the control panel

Passing any filename as an argument will make AveDesk try to open it as one of its recognized file-types.

AveDesk’s architecture has changed quite a bit. Desklets exist of a set of layers, like in a graphical editor as PhotoShop, but, previously, input was handled on a desklet-scale, and even the smallest change in one layer would make the desklet totally redraw.

Version 1.3 now provides per-layer-events, thus, layers are fully interactive now, resulting in a variety of effects. Creating layers that act like buttons, fade in on mouse-over, etc, is much easier now.

Another major change is the way AveDesk handles updates. Desklet will not be fully redrawn on every change, but, instead only the parts that require updating will be redrawn: effecting in much smoother animations.

To allow programmers create interactive mini-applications, AveDesk 1.3 comes with a library of default UI controls that can be directly used in a desklet. Text-input-control, a button, dropdown lists are available and controls will be updated and added often. All controls take full advantage of alpha-blending and are skinned.

The big advantage of having a library of controls is that programmers don’t need to invent the wheel every time, and thus will make creating desklets easier and all controls will look and work the same on different desklets.

Creating Desklets
Users can create desklets by using the C style API provided by AveDesk, which includes functions for managing layers, reacting to input and invoking effects. Desklets should be compiled to a DLL ultimately.

Because not everyone has a compiler and creating a DLL is a steep step, several scriptable desklets are available for AveDesk:
# MultiMeter by herd
# SysStats by Judge, following the MVC pattern
# AveScripter by pcm.

AveScripter is a new scriptable desklet created by Phil Caetano, which is closely integrated with AveDesk. Widget for AveScripter can take full advantage of the AveControls, layers and effects.

AveDesk is not freeware, but so-called donationware. This means that if you like AveDesk and use it on a regular basis, you have the freedom to donate a small amount of cash to support the development of AveDesk. It also means that you cannot distribute AveDesk in any form without explicit permission of the author (Andreas Verhoeven).

Developer : Andreas Verhoeven
Version : 1.4
Filesize : 5.66MB

Download AveDesk13.Zip

Downloaded a total of 9918 times

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