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I created a program thant looks like the About This Mac window. I think there might be another program out there like this, but I couldn’t find one with a working link. I hope someone will find this useful. Please tell me what you think.

To run it you will need the Microsoft .Net Framework.

All the settings are in the Setting.ini file
it holds all the text and what the buttons link to.

Developer : Bob Bobbio
Version : 1.0
Filesize : 17KB



Comment by dzey on 2006-10-14 03:22:34

Neat! :) Thanks dude! :)

Comment by Dudeicles on 2006-10-15 00:16:06

This one kind of lies, could it have the actual CPU and memory info? I sure wish I had a 2.4ghz processor but I don’t.

Comment by ComboAudio on 2006-10-28 22:35:29

Great - except, the lines do not provide enough character space for Processor and RAM. For example, I use an :

3.4GHz Intel® Core™2 Extreme

which will not fit and:


which will also not fit -

could you increase the number of characters please? The nomenclature of OS X displays the devices as shown above, I would think that should be possible - hope so. Other than that, great work visually and functionally - thank you for a nice contribution.

Comment by Mellie on 2007-03-11 02:55:08

Too bad it doesn’t have the actual CPU and memory information.
Just like Dudeicles said, I wish I had a 2.4ghz processor but I don’t :p

Comment by Jordan on 2007-06-03 08:42:06

If you want to change the specs on the about screen just edit the “Settings” file.

This is what mine looks like-

//application text
Mac OS X
Version 10.4
Software Update…
1.8 GHz AMD Sempron
512 MB
More Info…
TM && 1983-2005 Apple Computer, Inc All Rights Reserved.
//Bellow is what the first button links to
//Bellow is what the second button links to
//Whether it exits on the first button’s click
//Whether it exits on the second button’s click

Just change the part under “Processor” and “Memory” to match your system.


Comment by Kirk on 2007-07-08 21:43:54

Nice, although, it would be beter if: When you right click my comp, > Props > That came up instead off the Microsoft one…

Other than that. Ace!

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