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Leopard Shell32.dll

author alang
author February 12th, 2008

To use this download Replacer and replace your existing shell32.dll with the one you are about to download. This will put all the latest leopard folder icons etc…
Replace will auto backup the old file so if you want to go back you can.
Please note:
This will only work with Windows XP.
I am not responsible for any [...]


HUD lyrics for CD Art Display

author alang
author February 4th, 2008

Standalone HUD lyrics viewer I created for Cd Art Display
Developer: CubanPete
Download [337KB]


HUD Jonas’ Calculator

author alang
author January 16th, 2008

An HUD mod of Jonas Rask Calculator, port on Windows by manicho.
The package contains 2 versions with black or white buttons…
1. Unzip the archive to Avedesk/desklets/avescripter/
2. Go to Avedesk control panel and click Desklet –> Add… –> Avescripter –> HUD Jonas’ Calculator –> Add item.
3. Enjoy
Developer : NickDC
Download [748KB]


Leopard Mods On XP

author alang
author January 2nd, 2008

To all Windows XP users, now you can get Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard mods on your operating system.
This mods pack include:
- explorer.exe
- shell32.dll
- xpsp2res.dll
- mydocs.dll
- msgina.dll
Important Note
- Please make backup before replace your system files.
- These files can only work in Windows XP SP2 (English version ONLY).
- Only do in SAFE MODE
This mods pack [...]


Mac OSX Leopard Logon

author alang
author December 30th, 2007

This is the logon theme for a OSX Leopard customization!. You must use LogonStudio to install this theme
Developer: mb-neo
File Size: 3.9MB
Download [3.9MB]


CD Art Display

author alang
author August 24th, 2007

CD Art Display is a skinnable application that shows the now playing song cover on your desktop. It’s an addon that fully works with AlbumPlayer, Helium Music Manager, iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player, MediaMonkey and partially supports qmp, MP3Toys, musikCube and foobar2000 (Winamp API Emulator plugin).
History note
The first CD Art Display alpha was released in [...]


Mac OSX Cursors

author alang
author January 5th, 2007

The “Busy” and “Working in Background” cursors have the very nice, smooth swirl animation.
It comes in Blue Aqua, Graphite, and Burn.
And the cursors have a great 1:1 shadow.
Filesize : 76KB


Apple Logo Bootskin

author alang
author November 20th, 2006

A simple apple logo bootskin for stardock Bootskin application
Ensure you have stardock bootskin installed
Download the file and rename it to to a .bootskin file
Run the .bootskin file
Developer : 1337Lime
Filesize : 8KB



author alang
author November 3rd, 2006

xVis is an Application which Visualize your sound cards output in a very nice PNG Advanced Layerred based Skin Engine. this is the 2nd Version contains lots of new feautres but some are kept for next version , cuz its not fully completed and im not satisfied !. this is fully Skinnable .
Special thanks [...]



author alang
author October 23rd, 2006

AveTunes is a popular remote controller desklet for iTunes, and as of this version for winamp, that has hundreds of skins available.
Winamp support
Currently supported:
+ basic information such as artist, title, name, genre
+ progressbar and timers working
+ albumart -> folder.jpg and embedded albumart
+ basic actions: play/pause, prev, next
+ volume
+ open/add file
+ changing position of the song [...]